Monthly Archives: December 2005 dead again?

Is dead again? When I try to go to it this evening I get a weird error page. I have it saved but won’t let me upload a .gif, .png, or .jpg file, at least one created by … Continue reading

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Blonde joke

I don’t normally post jokes, but this blonde joke was good enough I had to go ahead and do it.

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Static problems with the Bodum Antigua coffee grinder

A while back I got a Bodum Antigua coffee grinder. I had had a whirly-blade style grinder for a while and thought it was time to move up to a grown up grinder so I could make both regular coffee … Continue reading

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Yahoo Gear

Whatever happened to Yahoo Gear? The site says they’re doing a redesign and they’ll be back in early 2005. Is that a typo or are they a bit behind schedule?

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Celebration fire in east Dallas

Major K writes about the Iraqi practice of Celebration Fire, the practice of celebrating things (such as an Iraqi victory over Syria in soccer) by shooting guns in the air. It ain’t something new around where I live. It’s not … Continue reading

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