Static problems with the Bodum Antigua coffee grinder

A while back I got a Bodum Antigua coffee grinder. I had had a whirly-blade style grinder for a while and thought it was time to move up to a grown up grinder so I could make both regular coffee and espresso. I read the reviews on Coffee Geek and since there is a Bodum store nearby I got the Antigua grinder.

It works great for all sorts of coffee, no complaints. Except for one thing that had been noted in the reviews: static. The coffee grinds into a little plastic receptacle and it kept coming out with a static charge on it, so that a fine mist of charged coffee grounds would go flying out every time I scooped the ground coffee out of the receptacle.

That was just a minor annoyance. It just meant that I had to sweep and/or vacuum coffee grounds off the kitchen floor a lot. And off the counter. And the stove. And out of all other sorts of weird places. Its surprising how far a charged coffee particle can fly.

Then yesterday I figured it out. Somebody else has probably figured it out before me, but I figured it out on my own because I was too lazy to Google for it. Apparently the static is caused by the top of the receptacle scraping against the cover as you take it out of the machine. All you have to do to avoid the static is pull the receptacle out slowly and when you get it about halfway out, tilt it toward the machine so that the top of the receptacle isn’t touching the cover. Then you can pull it out without scraping it against the cover et voila! No static!

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3 Responses to Static problems with the Bodum Antigua coffee grinder

  1. Kristin says:

    OMG – I could kiss you. I did NOT figure this out on my own. Just now tried your solution, and while there is still some static, it’s dramatically reduced. THANK you!!

  2. miss_lain says:

    Here I had resorted to wearing a static electricity dissipating wrist strap tied to a cold water pipe when making coffee. I keed, I keed! I think I’ll be buying one of these grinders pretty soon, so the tip will come in handy.

  3. coffee says:

    Nicely written! Can I use this post for my site? I will put a link back ofcourse. Thanks 🙂

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