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On the Frontburner

Boy howdy, one little link from Frontburner and I get more visits in one day than my poor little blog has had since I started it months ago and the most I’ve ever had on any of my blogs. This … Continue reading

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Tiger West

So this is who Robert “Tiger” West is. For many moons I had wondered. Ever since I was a kid I would see the credit on Hanna-Barbera cartoons Xerography: Robert “Tiger” West. I don’t know if the weird word ‘xerography’ … Continue reading

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GOP all the way!

So much for my days as a Democrat, I’m a Republican all the way now. Yesterday afternoon we noticed a white van with a logo that said something about catering that was behaving oddly. It kept driving slowly back and … Continue reading

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Gun control laws?!?

The results of a recent Rasmussen poll about the Cheney hunting accident incident are mentioned in the article Public and Press Disagree on Cheney Accident Importance at The article is a bit misleading since it says ‘only’ 66% of … Continue reading

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Teaching to the test

A common knock against standardized testing of students is that it results in teaching to the test, usually with the explicit or implicit conclusion that the solution is to get rid of the test. Of course having a standardized test … Continue reading

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Ann, a conda

The first week of my paternity leave left me with a lot of time to read, much more than I usually have. So I got some books from the library and the first one I finished was Not a Good … Continue reading

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Tag results

Looks like Technorati is picking up the categories now.  It took about 12 hours for them to start picking them up but it is working now, so you can see the sorts of things I blog about. I never could … Continue reading

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