I’ve been a user of del.icio.us for a long time, and try to remember to tag my own blog posts there. I learned about icerocket.com through Mark Cuban’s blog and I’ve become interested in their tagging system. From what I read it sounded like it should be able to generate tags automatically from my categories, so I started putting categories on my blog posts.

That didn’t work for some reason even though WordPress was one of the systems they said should work. The main thing that appealed to me about their system was the automation of it — posts would get tagged by them automatically, and would get the topics assigned that the author thought were appropriate (from the categories).

But I couldn’t get the automation to work for some reason. Since that’s the main appeal it had, you’d think I would just give up at that point and quit trying. But for a while at least I am going to manually tag the posts even though it requires extra effort, and it was the avoidance of the extra effort that attracted me to the Icerocket tags in the first place. I guess I’m just not that bright.


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