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Looks like Technorati is picking up the categories now.  It took about 12 hours for them to start picking them up but it is working now, so you can see the sorts of things I blog about.

I never could seem to get any results out of Icerocket.  I emailed their support to ask if they knew why I couldn’t add my blog or RSS feed to their index a couple of days ago and never heard anything back from them.  I posted the same question on the wordpress.com support forum and got a response within a couple of hours.  I knew the problem was at Icerocket’s end, but I thought somebody from WordPress would have already run across the problem and would know how to work around it.  They didn’t know, but they did ask Icerocket about it themselves and they were able to get an answer.

Now supposedly my blog has been added to Icerocket’s index.  But Icerocket is still way behind indexing me relative to Technorati.  At this point Technorati has ‘tagged’ my categories up through my Tags post of 2006-02-09, while Icerocket still hasn’t done any auto-tagging based on categories.  The few tags I have in their index are the ones I did manually.

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