Gun control laws?!?

The results of a recent Rasmussen poll about the Cheney hunting accident incident are mentioned in the article Public and Press Disagree on Cheney Accident Importance at The article is a bit misleading since it says ‘only’ 66% of the public has been following the story. When was the last time 66% of the public paid attention to anything the Vice President did? Most of the time you’d be hard pressed to find 66% of the public who even knew the Vice President’s name.

But what actually caught my eye was a stat from the poll, which was taken 3 days after the incident and 2 days after everybody had sobered up and gotten their stories straight and released the information. I was going to bust the Dallasblog article on it (the stat) but then I decided that it was really the poller who should be busted. The poll’s apparent fourth and final result is that 39% of Americans say that the US needs stricter gun control laws while 52% disagree. What does that have to do with the Cheney incident? I don’t recall a single mention of gun control issues in the coverage of the story. It seems like it’s a red herring thrown in to color perception of the incident, or else they just felt like they needed another question and that’s all they could come up with.

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