On the Frontburner

Boy howdy, one little link from Frontburner and I get more visits in one day than my poor little blog has had since I started it months ago and the most I’ve ever had on any of my blogs.

This Amir Omar thing is turning into a regular little scandalette, though I’m not sure if Omar or Aurbach will wind up getting hurt out of it. Probably neither. It was actually Eddie Deen, not Amir Omar, who was distributing the secret sauce so I would think it would be him that would get in trouble if anybody does. Unless Omar was in cahoots with him on it.

The bigger question I had after getting sauced was: why is this guy even bothering? It must be pretty expensive to hand out all this barbecue sauce. I would assume that either candidate will get killed by Eddie Bernice Johnson in the general election and he doesn’t even live in the district (the only house registered to his name at DCAD is in the 5th district so I guess he got an apartment in the district for campaigning purposes) so it seems like it’s several thousand dollars flushed down the toilet. Unless he just wants to get the nomination to increase his profile within the party for future purposes and he knew he couldn’t get the nomination away from Jeb Hensarling in his original district.

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2 Responses to On the Frontburner

  1. Julie says:

    Omar recently sold his house and bought one with a smaller mortgage (we’re talking like 1/3 of his previous mortgage) so that he could have more money for his campaign. Perhaps the registry hasn’t been updated?

  2. radial says:

    That’s probably it. It usually takes a couple of months or more for changes to show up.

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