My past no longer exists

I was getting ready to write another update about the strange house across the street, and as part of that I went to gather up the URLs of my previous updates.  That’s when I discovered that the old original Radial Symmetry Institute was gone.

Back in the day my first blog was just a link blog that reposted snippets from various Irish republican websites.  After a while I wanted to post on other subjects, but I didn’t want to water down the first blog.  So I hunted around looking for a place where I could get free blog hosting.  I avoided Blogspot because at the time it had a reputation for being unreliable and it didn’t have normal permanlinks.  So I fished around a little and found Sovereign Magic.  She wasn’t a blog hosting company, just a regular person with a blog who would give you an account on her copy of Movable Type and let you mooch some hosting space there.

I posted there for a couple of years.  Shannon, my hostess, actually quit posting there for quite a while.  Something, I can’t remember what, gave me the impression she was getting ready to shut the site down so I ‘moved out’ and moved around for a while before finally settling here.  But then she got the blogging bug again and is going strong.  Meanwhile my old blog there was sitting idle and some time recently she apparently decided to delete it.  For a while the posts still showed up in Google’s cache, but now they’ve been gone long enough they’re gone forever.

I was just a little too late, too, because I think has a facility that will let you import entries from other blogs.  So if I had moved over here just a little sooner I might have been able to copy the old blog over here.  But now all that’s gone as far as I know.

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8 Responses to My past no longer exists

  1. altjira says:

    Some machine decided your efforts were worth recording for posterity. Try checking out the Wayback Machine.

  2. altjira says:

    Some machine decided that your efforts were worth recording for posterity. Did you try the Wayback Machine?*/

  3. altjira says:

    Aha! You decided to review all comments before posting? You must have a lot of free time on your hands.

  4. altjira says:

    Nope. Just the ones with even a single link, eh?

    Ok – the answer to your prayers is at the Wayback Machine:

    and type in

    I’m jealous – they apparently do not yet consider my site worthy of archiving, but then it lets me go back and delete those stupid posts that I put up way late on a Friday night after too many beers, and they disappear as soon as they fall out of the search engine caches.

  5. radial says:

    Well there you go. I didn’t think I was worthy of being sent into the Wayback Machine either. I’m must be some sort of celebrity or something.

    I don’t know what’s up with the comment moderation. I get emails that they need to be moderated, but then they show up on the site anyway.

  6. radial says:

    I had two comments waiting to be moderated, so I approved those. I don’t know what it was about them that made them moderation-worthy but not the other ones.

  7. altjira says:

    Your former hostess is running WP 2.0, which is hopefully an upgrade, and it is possible she backed up her entire database before deleting it. I started out running several CMS’s off one database, just changing the prefix for different applications. Did you ask her about a backup?

  8. radial says:

    Eh, I’m not that worried about it. I’m afraid she didn’t make a backup before she deleted it and I don’t want her to feel bad if I ask her and she didn’t do it.

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