Defective Bible trivia

During Mass on Sunday the Deacon mentioned in his homily that there had been 8 people on Noah’s ark. That made my mind wander back to an old trivia nugget that I first thought of long ago: According to the Bible, who are the 2 men from whom everybody today is descended?

The answer originally was Adam and Noah. Adam is the obvious answer and Noah was the tricky Oh yeah! answer. The twist this time was that I thought of an even trickier answer: Adam and Noah still, but also Noah’s wife’s father.

With that brilliant trivia question I fired off an email a few minutes ago to Jimmy Akin, blogger of a well-known Catholic apologetics and Q&A blog. I wanted to give him time to think about my question so that when he got the answer he’d be even more impressed, so I sent the question in an email by itself with a line in the subject to be sure to read that one first. Then I went to write up the second email with the answer.

I wrote out the answer as Adam, Noah, and Noah’s wife’s father. Then I realized I had left out Noah’s father as well. No problem, I’d just add him to the list and say it was four men, not three. Then I realized I had left out Noah’s father’s father and Noah’s mother’s father as well. At that point things were getting out of hand quickly. Unfortunately I couldn’t decide to just not send the email since I had already sent the question. So I had to send the answer along with a conclusion of Never mind, it was a stupid question.

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