Craic addicts

Back in early 2000 the Irish Pub Company craze came to Dallas with the opening of O’Dowd’s on McKinney Ave. across from the Hard Rock Cafe. My 2nd date with my now wife was to the grand opening of O’Dowd’s.

Everybody seemed to be quite excited about the fact that O’Dowd’s had been built in Ireland by a company called, creatively enough, the Irish Pub Company. They would build a pub over there then disassemble it, ship it to your site in the US, and then reassemble and voila! an Authentic Irish Pub. And in fact it was more like a pub than most of the places in Dallas calling themselves Irish or English pubs.

Over the next couple of years two more IPCo pubs opened in Dallas. Trinity Hall was a new pub, and the Tipperary Inn paid big bucks and closed down for about a year so that they could convert their ugly former department store location into a Quaint Irish Pub. One of the things that was brought up frequently, especially by the ones working at O’Dowd’s, was that the Irish Pub Co. had a perfect record: every pub they had built in the U.S. was still in business. But they weren’t counting on Dallas. O’Dowd’s only lasted about a year and a half or two years, done in by a good location that was turned into a bad location by major construction on McKinney. They may not have even lasted until Trinity Hall opened, and definitely not until the new Tipperary Inn opened. The Tipp itself followed O’Dowd’s into oblivion. The word there was that the owner had spent too much money on the renovation and it took too long resulting in him being closed longer than he had anticipated.

O’Dowd’s was vacant for a long time and finally reopened a few months ago as the Idle Rich and is apparently doing good business though I haven’t been there. My pub-going days are long gone by now. The Tipp was closed for a while and reopened maybe a year ago with the same name but new ownership. Alone of the three Trinity Hall has stayed open and seems to be doing well. Such pub-going as I do manange to eke out these days is usually there.

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