Approval received

The Junius Heights historic district was just approved by the Dallas city council.  I mean just approved, like 10 minutes ago.  My wife went up to the meeting and spoke in favor of the proposal.  She said it wasn't really close, nobody spoke in opposition to it.

That was kind of odd because last night we got this email that some non-resident property owners (i.e. rental house owners) have put up enough of a fight to trigger the requirement for a super-majority on the city council (12 out of 15 votes I think).  That's a lot tougher to get than a simple majority.  They encouraged us to go to the meeting today to show support, which is why my wife went down there.  From what we have been told normally these votes are a rubber stamp of the approval from the Landmark Commission and some other body whose name escapes me now.  Both of those approved the district, first in January and then in March.  I don't know if this super-majority thing happened or not.

Meanwhile I managed to miss this article in the Dallas Morning News about a week ago: Landmark Commission raising a ruckus. Maybe this has something connection to the allegedly suddenly iffy status of the proposal.  Apparently just before the vote on the proposal back in January the mayor fired several of the Landmark Commissioners because they were treating the commission like a private body and not following all the requirements for record keeping and generally behaving more informally than an arm of the city government is supposed to run.

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