Not paying attention

Come on. I know the typing is bland, but it’s still in English. If you can’t be bothered to pay attention to the article while you read it, then don’t comment on it.

The blandly typed article in question, Big D is becoming Big Divide, talks about the disappearance of middle income people from the Dallas area.  The riposte, I’ll take “suburbs” for $500, Alex, takes the article to task, saying that the obvious answer is that the middle income people are moving to the suburbs.  The problem is that the original article clearly states that the middle income people in question are disappearing from the 8-county metropolitan area, not just from the city of Dallas itself.

Additionally, the response article cites another article about how Rockwall and Collin counties are the fastest growing counties in Texas.  Both of these counties are in the 8-county metropolitan area and are included in the area that is losing middle income residents.  The article about Rockwall and Collin counties says nothing about the incomes of the people moving into the counties and shouldn’t be cited as evidence unless it does.  Based on the income levels used to define “middle income” in the original article, I would be willing to wager that the vast majority of people moving into those counties fall into the upper income bucket rather than middle income.

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