World Cup final today

This is so exciting.  It all comes down to this:  the World Cup will be decided today.  Not the lame official Fifa World Cup Presented By Adidas (TM), but the jersey manufacturers’ World Cup.  Yesterday Puma, represented by some Italian players, defeated Adidas, represented by some German players.  That leaves Nike still 2 points ahead of Adidas.  So today’s match between Nike (with a team of Portuguese players) and Adidas (with a team of French players) will decide it all.  If Nike wins they’ll have a 5-point lead over Adidas with no more Adidas teams left in the tournament.  If Adidas wins then they’ll have a 1-point lead over Nike with no more Nike teams left in the tournament.

If Nike wins today and then Puma wins the last match between Nike’s Portuguese team and Puma’s Italian team, then Puma will pass Adidas and finish in second place.

Standings after the first semifinal match:

  1. Nike (49 points)
  2. Adidas (47 points)
  3. Puma (45 points)
  4. Umbro (15 points)
  5. Lotto (9 points)
  6. Marathon (6 points)
  7. Joma (0 points)
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