Cinderella story

You go Dallas Roma FC!

Last week Dallas Roma FC pulled off what has been called the biggest upset in US Open Cup history when they knocked out MLS team Chivas USA to advance to the final 16.  This was after the amateur team knocked off the USL First Division team Miami FC in the round of 64.  The Chivas USA match was the first time a team from the US Amateur Soccer Association had beaten an MLS team.  Roma FC plays the MLS’s Los Angeles Galaxy in LA in their next match.

Roma FC isn’t exactly a bunch of 40 year old wannabes on a pub team who smoke while they play and drink beer at half time.  Actually maybe they do, but I doubt it.  They have 6 former members of the Dallas Sidekicks professional indoor soccer team and 3 former MLS players.  If you check out their web site (linked above) you’ll find a store where you can buy official jerseys and such, which is a bit big-time for an amateur team.

But nevertheless Chivas was hardly a pushover.  They only started 5 of their regular starters for the match, presumably because they didn’t want to get their starters injured in a match their backups could win easily, but they subbed in 4 more starters when it began to look like they were in trouble.  Roma FC held on for a 0-0 draw after extra time and won on penalty kicks.

Hopefully they can pull off another upset on August 1.

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