Hurricane-generated tsunamis

I just finished watching a Discovery channel show on tsunamis and they mentioned my ‘favorite’ kind of tsunami: the landslide-generated tsunami, and in particular the tsunami generated by a submarine landslide. However, they didn’t mention the type of submarine landslide that I have found most intriguing: the hurricane-generated landslide which in turn generates a tsunami.

I posted about this back on my old deleted blog, but thanks to the Wayback Machine I was able to find the original entry called Underwater landslide tsunamis:

According to this article, there have been 4 landslide generated tsunamis along the east coast of the US since 1800, on 3 September 1821, 22 September 1909, 21 September 1938, and 14 September 1944. More accurately, they could be called hurricane-generated-landslide-generated tsunamis, since it appears that he reduced pressure of a large hurricane can allow compressed gas in the seabed to expand and generate a submarine landslide. The landslide, in turn, generates a tsunami that seems to go with the hurricane but doesn’t act like a storm surge.

Update: Corrected the link to the paper about tsunamis on the Atlantic coast of North America

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3 Responses to Hurricane-generated tsunamis

  1. The link to the article is dead. Any chance of getting an update?

  2. radial says:

    I have corrected the link. It looks like they moved their archive some time after the posting I had copied from was written.

  3. Thanks… It’s an interesting/sexy idea. If there were any hard data, Science/Nature would certainly publish it, but I think it’s unlikely. The hypothesis needs some testing, or even just some theoretical analysis.

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