Sayonara A9

I noticed on my blog management page that an old post I had put up when A9 switched from search engines from Google to Windows Live had gotten a few hits in the last few days.  I didn’t think much of it until I needed to look up a phone number and searched for it using my toolbar.

So.  It looks like A9 has changed strategies and no longer supports the toolbar, diary, bookmarks, yellow pages, or discount features.  Those were the only things they had going for them that I used.  If they’re just a way to organize search engines why bother?  At least it’s one less toolbar to keep at the top of my browsers.  Too bad, I had always kind of liked them, and I thought the diary and bookmarks features were useful.

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One Response to Sayonara A9

  1. Jan Baker says:

    Seven hours after painting I got on the computer to do a search and I’m so glad I typed in spray paint and numbness in index finger. I was shocked to find 45 pages of similar experiences; but even more shocked that there is no warning on the can, or on tv or magazines, to indicate the hazards of using the product. I used 1 can of Krylon, then a can of Rustoleum on a different project right afterward. I notice these two name brands coming up on the posts. This is very concerning. Has anyone contacted either of the above manufacturers?

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