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Surprisingly accurate

I took one of those online quizzes. In this case it was one to determine what sort of American accent I have. I didn’t think it would work because it was only about 10 or 12 questions, but it actually … Continue reading

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Ubuntu and VMWare

I had been running Ubuntu 5.10 through VMWare Player and everything was peachy keen. Then when 6.06 came out I upgraded and the networking quit working. When I went back to the original ‘clean’ 5.10 VM, the networking worked again. … Continue reading

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I hate hippos

I hate hippos.  They look cute in cartoons, but in real life they’re ugly, smelly, mean-tempered, have weird teeth that point straight forward, are still ugly and smelly, dangerous, and are generally gross and unpleasant.  So I don’t like them … Continue reading

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