No tears shed

So Bill Parcells has resigned. For some reason some people seem to be surprised. I think the consensus immediately after the season was that he’d resign. When he didn’t after two weeks and kept showing up for work I think most of the sports talking heads here in Dallas had started to come around to the idea that he was going to stay after all.

I won’t shed a tear for him.  If his reputation as a great coach was deserved at one point, it seems to be deserved no longer.  Each of his four teams was slightly less successful than the previous one: 2 Super Bowl wins with the Giants, 1 unsuccessful Super Bowl appearance with the Patriots, 1 trip to the AFC championship with the Jets, and 2 first round losses with the Cowboys.  In his four years in Dallas, his teams were a collective 6-10 in the last four games of the season and were never better than 2-2.  That’s the time of year when a well-coached team will step up their play rather than falling back.

So when he resigned today there was some shock. I think he was going to resign all along but was waiting for the right moment. So what makes today the right moment? I think he told Jerry Jones (or Jones told him) that he was gone right after the season, but Jones asked him to stay on until his replacement could be announced. I think that replacement is going to come from either the Saints or the Patriots. So when those two teams were eliminated from the playoffs yesterday that freed up the mystery coach, and Parcells could then go ahead and leave. I think the replacement will be announced in the next day or two. I don’t know enough about their staffs to have any idea who it would be, I just think the timing of the resignation is a clue.

Of course it could turn out that I’m full of crap and the timing is just a coincidence. We’ll know in a week or so.

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