Still can’t decide

I still can’t decide on which Python VM to use for my EDIINT hobby project.  So far it has all been on IronPython (the .Net VM), but now I’m starting to wonder about using plain old Python.

The key is knowing how important OS portability would be.  I can get portability to Unix with IronPython by using Mono, but it’s a bit of a pain.  Using plain Python would be a lot more straightforward.  But that would require me to use wxPython or HTML for the interface to the preference settings, whereas with IronPython I could use the latest and greatest Windows API (Avalon, or whatever it’s called now).  Plus with IP I could learn a lot more about .Net, which would probably be more marketable from a career standpoint than learning about the Python libraries.  So I guess I’m still leaning toward IP, but it’s not a very strong leaning.

Then there’s Jython.  I had pretty much ruled it out earlier on, and now I’m having second thoughts about that as well.  Mostly that comes from some investigation I’ve been doing into ChainBuilder ESB and ServiceMix.  That combination might make for an interesting backbone for what I’m trying to do, but they’re in Java so I guess if I was to try to write Python for that it would have to be Jython.  We’ll see on that front.  That may be overkill for what I’m doing, and it may be that I can interact with them sufficiently with regular Python or IronPython.

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One Response to Still can’t decide

  1. Charlie Groves says:

    Why did you rule out Jython? I’m one of the developers working on Jython, so if there’s something we can fix I’d love to hear about it. If it’s just the general lack of releases, that’s actually going to be remedied very soon. 2.2beta is just around the corner with a real release not too long after that.

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