I was reading Dallas Blog and came across a post called Americans For Prosperity Praises Pauken Report. “Ah, Americans for Prosperity! That’s quite a controversial position to take. They must get a lot of guff from all those Americans opposed to prosperity.”

After reading their press release I figured it out — it turns out that when they say they’re for prosperity they mean that they’re opposed to taxes. I particularly liked their definition of surplus revenues. Now to you and me and other English speakers, ‘surplus revenues’ would mean revenues in excess of expenses, i.e. a budget surplus. But in Antitaxlish, surplus revenues means “revenues collected above last years’ budget plus the increase in population and inflation”. So even if you increased your budget and then raised revenues (i.e. taxes and fees) to meet that budget increase if your budget increase was higher than the rate of inflation and population growth, then the revenue to cover that budget item is actually ‘surplus’.

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