I do not hate hippies

According to Google I am the number one tube on teh Internets for hippo hatred.  I discovered this when I noticed that one of my tens of visitors came here by searching for the specific phrase ‘i hate hippos’.  I tried the same search myself and got one of those moments of unintentionally funny Google suggestions.  Apparently they think that searching for ‘i hate hippos’ is not something a person would normally be searching for, and they suggest what seems like a more reasonable search: ‘i hate hippies’.

So just to clarify.  I don’t hate hippies.  Hippies are fine, I have no problem with them.  It’s hippos I hate.  And the farther away from me they (hippos, not hippies) stay, the happier we’ll both be.  Hippo hatred HQ = here, hippie hatred HQ = somewhere else.

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