Superhuman Dwayne Wade heroically returns from injury

So it looks like NBA tough-guy Dwayne Wade is going to heroically attempt to return from the separated shoulder that was so devastating it caused his legs to stop working, requiring him to be superhumanly taken off the court on a stretcher and then heroically out of the arena in a wheelchair.

It’s a good thing he doesn’t participate in a wimpy sport like football or else his heroic superhuman performance might be compared unfavorably to the time Emmitt Smith separated his shoulder in the second quarter of the game against the NY Giants that would decide the 1993 NFC East title.  But Smith’s not the heroic superhuman tough-guy that Wade is, so he had to stay in the game all the way into overtime, rushing for 132 yards and receiving for another 61, including 41 combined yards on the game winning drive in overtime.

But football’s not basketball, and Smith isn’t Wade, so there’s no wheelchair for Emmitt and a bright future in the Italian soccer league ahead for Dwayne.

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