Alarm guy

Door-to-door salesman
The same guy was at my house
Mildly annoying

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One Response to Alarm guy

  1. radial says:

    This whole all-posts-in-poem-form is getting kind of aggravating — it’s almost impossible to get a point across in 17 syllables unless you’re just linking to something else. And sonnets are hard because it is tricky to tell your story in exactly 140 syllables with the right rhyme scheme.

    So anyway, I’ll try adding further explanation in the comments and see how that goes.

    The same salesman (see link) was at my house last night. He came to the door a little while after the incident recounted on the other page. I had the same reaction as Rod — it sounds interesting, but I don’t have time to mess around with it now. So I asked for some literature and got the same answer: “I don’t have any literature, I’m here to sign people up now.” He said he was giving away 5 promotional installations in Junius Heights so that the people would put signs for his company in their yards and give them a little advertising, and once those 5 giveaways were done (he claimed to have signed up 2 people so far) then everybody else would have to pay to get it. So I told him I’d get the info from his website and if it was as good as he claimed I wouldn’t have any problem paying for it. That seemed to satisfy him, and he went on his way.

    I didn’t find him that hard to get rid of. After reading Rod’s story I wonder if he eased up a bit as a result of the angry reactions he was provoking further down the street.

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