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Service Solutions Shopping Insite

Since the post about the *72 scam is one of my most popular, I thought I’d put out a second post in my series of Famous Scams People Have Tried to Pull on Me. Today’s profile: the Service Solutions counterfeit … Continue reading

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In Good Hope…True Visions? we learn of a teenager in South Africa who claims to have seen an apparition of the Blessed Virgin.  One of the aspects of this vision is that she says others can join in by seeing … Continue reading

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Double shot

A couple of days ago the local Draculas at Carter Blood Care called and demanded more blood.  Supposedly I have some super great blood type that they always need.  At any rate I told them I’d go up and bleed … Continue reading

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Have a need or desire to do some functional programming on Windows?  Forget Erlang/Scala, it’s too trendy.  Try F# instead!

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Two conferences in one

X12 and TechEd I’m at two conferences No swag at X12

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Gonu is coming Hurricane in the desert No-one is ready

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