In Good Hope…True Visions? we learn of a teenager in South Africa who claims to have seen an apparition of the Blessed Virgin.  One of the aspects of this vision is that she says others can join in by seeing the sun start to spin.  I knew that the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima also had a spinning sun as one of the features and I learned from this article that Pope Pius XII also had seen a miraculous spinning sun.

Someone trying to join in the current alleged vision damaged his vision by looking directly at the sun.  You always hear warnings about this and it has always made me wonder.  When I was a kid I used to frequently look directly at the sun and yes, I did see it spinning, many times.  In fact every time I looked at the sun for more than a second or two I saw it appear to spin around in a spiral and appear to be coming down toward me.

I never really thought much of it — I just figured (and figure) that’s what the sun does if you look at it.  I never saw any apparitions or any other supernatural effect.  And as far as I know I never damaged my eyes.  My vision’s fine today and always has been.  So as far as I know I didn’t damage my eyes despite looking at the sun many times for fairly long period of time (10 – 20 seconds or so).  Maybe that wasn’t long enough to do it.  Or maybe I used to have Steve Austin bionic eyes level vision and the sun damaged my eyes back to a mere 20/20.

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