Service Solutions Shopping Insite

Since the post about the *72 scam is one of my most popular, I thought I’d put out a second post in my series of Famous Scams People Have Tried to Pull on Me.

Today’s profile: the Service Solutions counterfeit check scam.

Yesterday I got a letter that was hand addressed to me with a Canadian stamp on it.  I opened it up and it was just a piece of junk mail.  A check was included in it for $4900.  What caught my eye was that it didn’t seem to be one of those junk mail  ‘checks’ that are just a promotional gimmick.  This one seemed to be a real check, so I read the letter.  The letter claimed that I had been selected to be a secret shopper and I was supposed to use this check to go buy various amounts of stuff at several stores and then report on how the clerks had treated me.  The amounts added up to about $4300 and I could keep the extra $600 as my compensation.

That whole thing sounded bogus so I did a search for the company name and found an alert from the US Comptroller of the Currency office about counterfeit checks issued by Service Solutions Shopping Insite.  The alert requested that people who received one of the checks through the mail report it to the USPS mail fraud office, which I did.

I’m not sure how these guys were going to make money off of these checks.  The letter that accompanied the check requested me to call some number and talk to somebody at their ‘company’, so maybe the check was just bait and what they are really looking for is people stupid and greedy enough to think it’s a real check and call to get more information.  Then the real scam kicks in once you call them.   A Canadian variant on the old Nigerian 419 scam, done through the US mail instead of email maybe.

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One Response to Service Solutions Shopping Insite

  1. Dave Garber says:

    I have recieved the same letter and check. I am now indebt to my bank 4880.00

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