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Bandit tracks

I thought that after they legalized parimutuel wagering in Texas and opened big-time tracks (like the late lamented Trinity Meadows) that private racing would have died out. Turns out it didn’t, and the feelings can run pretty high at these … Continue reading

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Beyond Cana

This weekend the Little Tentmaker and I went to our parish’s Beyond Cana retreat which has been covered extensively elsewhere on the Intertubes (see It’s a Good Kind of Tired and The Magnets are Off the Floor) . It really … Continue reading

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Why do I get the feeling Pylons wasn’t meant for Windows

I’m trying to set up a Pylons application on a Windows machine and I’m running up against a problem when it comes to connecting to SQL Server. There is plenty of documentation on how to get SQLAlchemy to work with … Continue reading

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In Military Support for War Dropping? Noah Shachtman says in an aside For the life of me, I cannot understand what the hell Harry Reid and company are doing, other than staging some odd political kabuki theater. It seems pretty … Continue reading

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So ol’ Lyndon LaRouche is still around. I ran across a link to an article about the LaRouche Youth Movement this morning. I used to get entertainment from reading some of his crazy theories about Queen Elizabeth the Drug Dealer … Continue reading

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