Why do I get the feeling Pylons wasn’t meant for Windows

I’m trying to set up a Pylons application on a Windows machine and I’m running up against a problem when it comes to connecting to SQL Server. There is plenty of documentation on how to get SQLAlchemy to work with MySQL or Postgres or SQLite, but not so much for SQL Server. SQLAlchemy can connect to SQL Server over ODBC using the pyodbc package, but there’s not much specific documentation on how to actually do it.

In this case the specific question is What value do I put in sqlalchemy.default.uri if I want to connect to a database over ODBC? For example, to connect to a MySQL database you put sqlalchemy.default.uri = mysql://username:password@host:port/database.

I could look in the code and try to figure it out, but I’m not on the machine where Pylons is installed and I was hoping to track down the information tonight before I’m back at work. Plus there are so many modules to look through it would probably take me all day to find the right one. I tried searching for “default.uri” in the code before I left, but Windows’s wonderful search capabilities didn’t find anything.

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One Response to Why do I get the feeling Pylons wasn’t meant for Windows

  1. mike bayer says:

    the logic for MS-SQL urls is in sqlalchemy/databases/mssql.py . Theres been a lot of discussion about MS-SQL urls among the windows SA developers, since we support 3 different backends each with different connection styles. definetely drop by on the SA list and ask about it.

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