Beyond Cana

This weekend the Little Tentmaker and I went to our parish’s Beyond Cana retreat which has been covered extensively elsewhere on the Intertubes (see It’s a Good Kind of Tired and The Magnets are Off the Floor) . It really went well — we came back with a refreshed and reinvigorated feeling about our marriage.

We weren’t exactly phyiscally refreshed and reinvigorated, in fact we were both exhausted by Friday night. I was yawning so much at our CRHP meeting that when we finally broke up it was with a remark that it was getting late and we’d better end the meeting before guys dozed off at the table. It seemed kind of odd that we were so tired since we actually got to sleep later than usual over the weekend and didn’t wear ourselves out chasing kids around all day. But I guess we were just sort of emotionally and mentally drained after 48 hours of concentrated feelings.

Not too much feelings though. I was a bit concerned that the weekend would be all mushy and lovey dovey. There were a couple of parts that were mushy and lovey dovey, but 80% of the time was spent on practical matters — basically identifying the stuff you needed to talk about and then talking about it in a structured way that forced you to make progress without getting bogged down or sidetracked.

The parts that were presented by the team were enjoyable enough that I kind of wished they had gone on longer, or that there had been more of them. It was helpful (and entertaining) to hear how they had worked their way through the process, and the whole setup really made us feel like all they wanted for us to do was to have the same good experience they had had. Plus we got to see the chapel out at the seminary, which was something I had never seen before.

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One Response to Beyond Cana

  1. Julie D. says:

    Not sure who you are but glad it turned out well for you and your spouse.

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