Spray paint numbness

The weirdest thing: a week ago today I spent an hour or so spray painting some patio furniture down at my mom’s house. I went through about 2 1/2 cans of spray paint. By the time I was done, the tip of my index finger was numb right where I was pressing down on the button of the paint can.

I was kind of surprised when it didn’t go away in a few minutes, and more surprised when it was still numb the next day. So now I’m really surprised since my fingertip is still numb a week later. After a couple of days the numb area got a little smaller, but after that the numbness has remained the same.

Update 8/15: It’s now been 11 days since I wrote this post and my finger’s still just as numb as it was then.

I’m not the only person this has happened to: see Numbness in Finger Tips. The doctor there guessed that it was caused by the compression of a small nerve in the finger. It sounds like the time I fell asleep on a plane with my elbow in an awkward position and, anesthetized by several beers, slept like that for about 3 hours. When I woke up my whole hand was completely numb. After a couple of days it went down to just the ring and pinkie fingers and the side of my hand, and they stayed numb for about a week. After about a week I started getting feeling back but it took about a month for it to go away completely.

Update 9/17: It’s now been about 7 weeks. My fingertip isn’t exactly numb anymore, but it still doesn’t feel quite right. It took about 5 or 6 weeks for the feeling to come back at least partially, and it still isn’t all the way back.

It turns out that this is even more common than I thought before. So common that there are products designed to keep it from happening, such as the Can-Gun. I also came across a Yahoo Answer about spray painting and finger numbness. I would have told them what caused it but it was already closed to new answers by the time I found it.

Update 5/22/08: Now it has been 9 months since the original incident.  The very tip of my finger, right below the nail, still has a very small numb spot.  Ever so slightly tingly, but otherwise it is dead to the touch, no feeling at all.  I guess that’s not coming back if it hasn’t by now.  I’ve gotten used to it and don’t notice it unless I get an email that there has been another comment on this post or I see an ad for spray paint.

Update 9/16/08: Roughly 14 months now since all this started.  Things are basically where they were back in May.  The tingling has gone away completely but the dead spot at the tip of my finger is still there.  It doesn’t interfere with my life and I don’t think about it except when I get an email that there has been another comment on this post.   There’s a spot on the very tip of my index finger by the nail (oddly enough about the size of the business end of a spray paint can) that is completely without feeling.  If I touch it with another finger it feels kind of like a callus except that it’s not a callus — to look at it it doesn’t look any different than the rest of my finger.  It’s just completely numb.  I have given up on having the feeling ever come back in that little spot.

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  1. melita says:

    I “dogpiled” finger numbness and spray paint because it has been more than a month since I have had feeling in my index finger since spray painting. I thought I might be a nut, but I know it’s not in my head!! thanks for the blog–

    • Audrey says:

      Wow this is a real thing? I thought I was going crazy! It feels awful.

    • Megan says:

      Ahhh I just had the same thing happen to me. I spray painted art on my friends wall last night and today my index finger is completely numb. Clearly some nerve damage. I’ve been massaging it since last night to try to revive the nerve endings. After reading your post I’m not sure if it’s going to be that simple or that fast!!

      Just a little note though, when I was 16 I went skiing once with my boots too tight. My feet/toes were numb. I was convinced that I had suffered frostbite or something because I didn’t know that my boots were too tight. A year had passed and I still experienced numbness. A couple years had passed…not much of a change. Well I’m 22 now and have no numbness whatsoever. The numbness in the fingertip WILL go away eventually, just not that fast. There’s hope!!!

      Thanks for this post by the way and the way you’ve updated it. My finger and I appreciate it!

    • Jenny Lefebvre says:

      Me, too. I only used two cans before it happened, with more to go. Bought one of those spray attachments and that was great to finish my project, which turned out well. However, it wasn’t worth this. And to think it may never go away. It has been two weeks, and I still get shots of pain occassionally if I hit it wrong, or grab something that presses on the right spot. Oh, well, my outdoor light fixtures now look great….

    • John Smith says:

      Hello fellow numbed community. I too came across this problem too late. I have had spray painted before without my finger going numb, but perhaps all my previous projects were really quick or small, but this time I spend hours, probably more than a couple of hours. only to find out my index finger has lost feeling after taking off my gloves (didn’t want to get paint in my hands.)

      Good news is, I knew my finger probably have Frozen over… yes Frozen, I know many of you say it’s because the nerve was being pressed, but I’m pretty sure it’s due the concentrated CO2 or whatever they use to chill the gas + paint inside the can.

      You know when you use spray or other spray based products like compressed air, after you use it for a while the can will frost up, and the defrost again once you stop spraying.

      Further “evidence” per say supporting this theory is that I have 2 precise spot under the skin that seems like “Burn” mark, just like when you hold cold metallic stuff in winter without gloves, yup I got the exact burn from the button half moon on each side of the index finger.

      it’s been almost a week after the paint project, and most of the feeling have returned, only those 2 cold “burned” spot remains numb because… well it’s dead.

      yes it feels waxy, as described by the Blog owner.

      I think what saved my finger the most, is that very same day when it wen numb, I quickly took my hand and submerged my hand/finger under warm water for a loooong while.

      That seems to have worked well except for the 2 small dead spots that was holding the button down.

      Anyway, since the incident, I took suggestion from this thread to purchase one of those spray can handle nozzle grip thing, and well to my amazement, the spray quality actually became better, than spraying by hand, it was easier to control the spray spread more evenly, because when I was using my finger I was either losing grip, or getting tired using the 3 fingers hold, or to the least of our knowledge getting our finger frozen by CO2 or whatever CFC formula is being used inside those cans.

      I was the most surprised as I was wearing a thick work Gloves, which is also probably why I only got 2 small cold burns, instead of full numbness as many of you have described here.

  2. Gina says:

    I’m going through this right now. And just when I thought it was better, it’s all tingly and annoying. I don’t think it’s ever going to heal.

  3. Craig says:

    I am glad to know that I am not alone. I emptied about 6 cans of spray paint in about an hour and a half. I have been numb for a week now and really worried. A previous injury has left my face numb for the last 20 years. I haven’t had much hope for my finger. Typing is really difficult with a numb finger.

  4. Christina says:

    Glad to know I am not the only person going through this! I went through 2 cans of spray paint on Friday and now it’s Tuesday night… my fingertip is very numb.

    I have been kind of panicked about this, but I see maybe there is hope. I am a data manager and I type A LOT, and I am a pianist… so I am not a happy camper right now!

    Thanks for posting this!

  5. Luke says:

    I’m having the same problem it’s like a pins and needles feeling when I touch something with the tip of my finger. It’s been numb now for about 5 days – let us know if your feeling evere comes back – not happy about it and it’s a very annoying sensation. They should obviously make these things different – I thought I was the only weirdo who did this using a can of paint, at least I have company now.

  6. Brian says:

    Thanks for the post. I was painting some patio furniture and by the time I pressed down on about 4 cans of primer, and the finished paint, the tip of my finger was numb. I wasn’t worried as I figured it was pressure and would be gone by the next day. That was a month ago !!!! it is not as bad, but still does not have the same feeling as the other fingers. Very strange and SO glad to know it just wasn’t me doing stupid things. I figure it will correct itself with plenty of time, besides what’s the alternative?
    I did find pinching my finger and forcing more blood into the tip seems to help as well as having a hot bath and staying in there a while with my hands under the hot water.

    Hope it does get better, feels weird to type now 🙂
    Thanks for all who posted the same

    • christy says:

      ok so its not always spray paint..i googled this and couldnt understand why my left hand all fingers except thumb which isnt really a finger but anyways four finger two last ones mostly numb all day today, i looked at this article cause i opened pollyurathane can today twice, i opened it right i did though slam it shut twice with my left hand. i guess thats what did it. its hard to type hard to text. i gues it could get better. i knew it werent a mini stroke or carpal tunnel dont have enough symptoms too sudden. i hope this goes away.

  7. Christina says:

    Well, I myself am going on 30 days now and STILL have a numb fingertip.

    The sensation is so weird and annoying. I guess I am slowly getting used to it, but it’s still on my mind everyday.

    Here’s to all of our fingers, I hope they all heal.

    I will check back later to see if anyone has had any feeling return!

  8. Brian says:

    Well for me it’s almost 2 months, it feels a little better but still not back to normal. From what I have read it should come back, but nerve sensitivity is slow going.
    Just tingles and the very tip is numb.

    I will check back again from time to time also. Good luck to all and keep the feedback coming.


  9. Theresa says:

    One week after using 4 cans of spray paint, I still have a numb, tingly, slightly painful index finger. Many tasks are affected. The worst is scrolling a mouse button. Was glad to find this post.

    What I can’t believe is that there is no warning of potential nerve damage caused by pressing the spray button! That should be printed on the can!

    I read the other warnings on the can, about toxic fumes, and potential lead exposure during surface prep. I used the information and took every precaution. I would have bought a Can-Gun or done something if I had had any warning of nerve damage! Yes my finger ached after I’d been spraying a while, but it didn’t enter my mind that nerve damage was occuring. I thought the problem would stop as soon as I stopped spraying.

    What I’ve read makes me think I’ll eventually have some improvement. But what I’ve read also makes me concerned that my finger won’t return 100% to normal.

  10. hometeamdawg says:

    Are we destined to become a terminal illness victims’ group?

    Last week I marked a golf course for a tournament. I spent a couple of hours putting down hazard lines and pin placement dots. Later that evening my index fingertip felt numb. That was 3 days ago and today it feels the same.

    We need to post this affliction on message boards of all kinds. Surely someone has found the answer.

    Massage the inside of your finger about an inch below the tip. When I do that it feels like there’s a needle pricking the tip of my finger. Weird…..

    I can here it now.

    “Hello, my name is Fred…and I have “can o’ spraypaint syndrome.”

  11. hometeamdawg says:

    Whoops. Should have said chronic. Hopefully no one will die from CO’SPS.

  12. Tony says:

    I am going through the same thing right now. It is so hard to type because of the numbness in my finger that i was using to spray paint 1 month ago. I was wondering if anything could be done about this numbness in my finger.

  13. Deb says:

    Wow! I am so glad I found this post. I, also, sprayed a couple cans of paint and my fingertip went numb. It is still numb after a week. I am going through some problems with my back right now do to a protruding disk so I was sure that had something to do with it–nerve damage or something.
    My finger doesn’t feel better but my mind does.
    Oh yeh, I got my paint can trigger out to resume painting the next day. I think there should be a warning on the can as well. Class-action suit of spray paint numb finger syndrome peoples?

    • Patrick says:

      I think by now class-action suit is a no brainer. Nearly all of not all Spray Paint manufactures know of this and yet they STILL have done nothing to prevent people from being harmed by their product.

      Time is up. Numb index finger is not a good thing at all. I can’t stand mine anymore, they need to pay for their poor judgement in changing by now.

      This is by now very aviodable, IF the companies do the right thing. But they haven’t… So…. Yea I’m in.

  14. Brian says:


    Now months later, the sensation seems to have come back after all that painting months ago. It came back with pins and needles which seemed like a sure sign that nerve activity was going on, I still feel a slight difference in sensation but not nearly as bad as it was, and not numb
    If I were to put a % on it I would say it is back to normal about 95%. So hopefully the tingling sensation that is going on now, will only serve to show that repairs are going on and it will reach a 100%.

    I will keep posting on the progress, about a month from now Good luck to all (Seems like a non permanent thing after all)

    • christy says:

      the med website i checked out before this page said tingely and numbness and also pins and needles feeling are carpel tunnel syndrom you need to go to a doctor if you have all those symtoms, theres a hand brace you can wear, it helps esp. if its not full blown, my nieghbor uses one on her right hand. i got numbness and tingley no pins and needles thats why i thought this website helpful if i get pins and needles i’m goin to the docter

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  16. t says:

    I went through 4 cans of primer and 6 cans of spray paint painting an iron bed for my daughter yesterday and my fingertip is TOTALLY NUMB (30 hrs after completion). I am a writer and a photographer…I need my pointer finger!!! (I ordered Chinese food last night and could not sign my credit card receipt 🙂 Any medical explanation for this??? What qualifies as a class for class action??!!

  17. Brian says:

    Okay folks now 3 months after the initial numbness, after the spray day 🙂 I am pleased to now report the numbness has gone and my finger is back to normal (phew)
    So for all of you who were kind enough to post your experiences on here, just know it will get better, but you can expect it to take at least 3 months.

    Mine was so numb initially I could stick a pin in it, and not feel it. 2 months later it came back a little but then came back with pins and needles as the nerve was obviously repairing itself. Now after 3 months I am 100%.

    I will check back here from time to time to see how everyone else made out.


  18. Rachel says:

    I am so glad I found you guys on this post. I was spot-priming some body work on our truck the other day. Went through about 1 1/2 cans of the spraypaint and noticed my index finger numb. I didn’t realize I had over spray all over it – I didn’t even notice the paint or feel any pain while working. There was no mention on the can about wearing gloves or anything. I followed the other precautions on the can as I worked outside and wore a respirator. So I washed all the paint off immediately just to be safe. But it’s been 3 days now and the tip of my finger is still numb/tingly when it touches things. I find myself not using it when I type or wash my hair, etc., as it there was a cut there. The fact that this has happened to so many of us is upsetting. Why is there no warning about this potential hazard on the can?!! Shouldn’t there be other precautions mentioned – wearing gloves, giving your finger a break, something…. I’m not looking forward to potentially 3-9 months more of a dead-felling finger!
    Something should be done about this, but where do you even start?!

  19. cyndi says:

    Rachel, et al,
    Lost the feeling yesterday after 2 cans only o paint. I don’t know if it will make you feel better or worse to know that I DID wear gloves, and I still am not appreciating the typing of the center of the keyboard. It’s just numb.
    I’m Cyndi, and I’m a CO’SPS survivor.

  20. Christina says:

    Okay Brian I am right behind you. 3 months and I am happy to say I am no longer numb!

    It looks like 2 or 3 months is the going rate folks, so hang in there! It will get better!

    I’ve grown quite fond of our little group here… I’m going to keep stopping in! LOL!

    CO’SPS survivor for sure!

  21. Jen says:

    Did you know when you google numb fingertip from spray paint this comes up first?

    Good thing..because although I assumed what the cause was and that eventually it would go away, I figured a few hours later it would have been gone….yeah, wrong.

    So, hours later it seems I am in good company with the rest of you. Thanks for sharing your stories and letting me know I am not crazy.

    Good to write this…I was worried about work tomorrow, but I seem to be doing ok….got payroll to key, people to pay!!!

    Thanks all!

  22. Anna says:

    So glad I found this site. I was fixing to go to the doctor because the tip of my index finger was numb after spray painting (2 cans) my outdoor funniture. However, I tried to put a clear coat on the furniture with the spray can and now I have very little strength in my lower right arm. I couldn’t even press the tip of the spray can down with my index finger and it hurt up to my elbow. Has anyone experienced arm pain besides the fingertip numbness? Thanks for any answers.

  23. Michelle says:

    Thank you. I thought I was going crazy. I actually have a lot of other nerve problems right now causing me lots of pain in my feet. So, when painting caused me to lose sensation in my finger, I freaked. This blog made me realize that they are totally different problems, thankfully. I’m only on day 4…wish me luck… I’ve considered spray painting with my feet to make them numb too…ha-ha. Thanks Brian and Christina for letting us know you finally got better. How are the rest of you doing new…any other good news to report? I’d love to hear that more of you are getting better or have completely regained sensation.

  24. Brian says:

    Hi all just checking back, interesting to see how this little forum has grown. Seems like spray painting more than one can must be a hazard to many other fingers 🙂

    Well as I previously posted mine is completely back to normal, after 3 months. It was initially so numb I could stick a pin it in, weeks after and it would not bother me.

    I did have a small about of pain in the tip about a week ago, but that went within a matter of hours and so far so good it is really 100% back to normal 🙂

    I put it down to pressure on the nerve causing localized damage, and nerve damage does take a long time to heal (if it can of course). I sprayed so many many cans, primer, paint etc, I would say my case would have been extreme, so even in that worse case scenario all is well.

    So don’t give up hope, (just use another finger to scratch ya self with 🙂 It will get better. I will check back and see how others made out.

    Happy 4th


  25. Kelly says:

    Wow, I am dealing with exactly the same thing=! Though I only used about 3/4 of a can. I have sprayed way more than this with nothing happening but now my index it super numb.

    Thanks for the 3-4 month info. I can’t wait to get the use back out of my finger!

    Yea, there are warning on labels for far less than NERVE DAMAGE! Why isn’t there. Someone has to know!!

  26. Jackie Curtis says:

    Hi – I’m Jackie… a new sufferer of CO’SPS. I am happy to have found this site for support. The research I did earlier this morning said it could be the only symptom of a mild heart attack! YIKES! So glad to have found y’all!

    My husband had bilateral quad tendon knee surgery in February and has his own forum that he visits every day to discuss his injury. Now I have my own forum, too.

    I sprayed lawn furniture with black rustoleum yesterday, and ran out of paint after only 1 1/2 cans. I think that was God taking care of me, because I would have continued on had I not run out. I bought 3 more cans last night (all w/33% more paint free!)

    I think I’ll let my husband finish the job…

  27. Theresa says:

    Hi all! I originally posted on May 3rd, and am happy to report back that my finger is getting better. It’s been about 2 months since spray day, and I’d say my finger is about 90% back to normal. Still a little less able to feel sensation that my other pointer finger, but I’m so relived that it is not constantly annoying me throughout the day anymore. I now own one of those Can-Gun attachments.

    We must warn others! Wait I take that back – the manufacturers must warn others!

  28. Beth says:

    So glad to know that there is a real medical name for our condition…CO’SPS. I agree that there should be a warning on the can-o-nerve-damage.

    I too sprayed about 4 cans onto some patio furniture and sacrificed the feeling in my index finger. It is day 4 of no feeling. It doesn’t sound like I should expect a speedy recovery.

    Hope everyone regains sensation soon!

  29. Jim says:

    I did my spraying July 10th. 5 cans. I used a “spray trigger” adapter and still got the numb finger. The trigger was thin so I must have damaged the nerves at the first knuckle joint. The next day I sprayed 2 more cans but put a small piece of fuel line hose on the trigger to hopefully prevent more damage.

  30. Nikki says:

    I spray painted a piece of lawn furniture four days ago and my finger tip is still feeling a bit funny. I only spray painted for a short time! Typing irritates it even more. It’s very annoying, I can’t imagine having it be like this forever! Hopefully like some of the others it’ll go away, even if it takes 3 months! My husband says he’s had it happen to him before and it goes away. Lets cross our fingers!

  31. Numb Bob says:

    This weekend… spray painting my metal kitchen table stand and chairs. 4 cans… and my finger is still numb or may I say ‘dead to me’ at this point.

    Am thinking about contacting the spary paint company or a local injury lawyer. I wish somebody would do something like this so others don’t find thier way to this page. It is obviously harmful. I am just hoping this is not permanent damage.

  32. Pinkie without a Brain says:

    I only used one can of spray paint on an old topper I just bought for my truck. It seemed like the nozzle was a little harder to press than I remembered from the past but I did not realize it was injuring me. Permanent damage or at least long term damage from using a product as instructed sure seems like something that should have had a warning. It looks like somebody new is finding this web page every 4 days or so on average. I sure hope my finger gets better. It is pretty hard to type with my index finger being numb. I touch type and use the tip of that finger to find the home key.

  33. Chris says:

    I used 5 cans of spray paint for some projects a week ago and my entire index finger was numb for a cpl days after. The 1/2 of my index fingertip closest to my pinkee is still completely numb/dead and it is definately concerning. I’ll be ordering that “can gun” you spoke about for future projects. I wanted to get another update to see if you have gotten all the feeling back and if you have learned about any other possible aids/solutions to the numbness.

  34. Christina says:

    I can definitely say that I am 100% better now, and that only time can heal. I am sure that the numbness is inconvienient and annoying, but rest assured you should get better in 2-3 months.
    Good luck!

  35. Michele says:

    Well I lost the feeling in my index finger on August 1st and while this site helps me feel not so alone or crazy. My husband thought i am crazy! I am not thrilled about hearing it could take months or maybe never come back.

  36. Beth says:

    Well, it has been 1 month since my last post. I have 80% of the feeling back in my fingertip. I am glad to hear everyone is getting feeling back, too. It sounds like 2-3 months is needed for 100% recovery. I have since purchased the spray paint can trigger and have it on hand when needed. It was only a couple of dollars and was right on the paint aisle at Walmart. I wish I had noticed those things before!

    I wish you all a Speedy Recovery!

  37. Brian says:

    Hi all,

    I decided to check back and see how all were doing 🙂 Wow seems like a huge problem for others since I posted my original post way back. I am 100% back to normal (And won’t be spraying like that again) the magic time period is for sure 3 months.
    I have to say that although I say 100% back to normal, occasionaly at the very tip it does feel ever so slightly “different” and really I can only tell by rubbing my nail over the tip of my finger, the senstaion is just a hair different and I am sure it too will pass. But really back to normal.

    So all of you hang in there, keep the posts going and I will check back again. Good luck all. Brian……

  38. Paul says:

    While I can’t shed any additional light, I can echo others comments that I SURE AM GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. When I mentioned it to my friends I got some strange looks. Let’s all get our finger tips back, and use the trigger in future.

  39. Chris says:

    CO’SPS victims vs krylon and other jerk ass comapnaies,… this Sucks Nuts,…. LoL I’ll be honest. I was googleing “finger damage from Graffiti” for about 2 hours until i came down from the arosal… Dont worry it was on a mountian nothing public. LoL So I’m not crazy after all and there is something wrong. And the guy at the store can lick my nuts he said i wouldnt need a damn gun thingy… 4 bucks would have solved my problems NO Preented them and all of ours…. So now me and my Cuz are now never going to use 8 cans back to back with now breaks and no gloves or better tips. WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!! stick together people there is hope for CO’SPS. Hey hows our class aciton lawsuite coing along? victimized on 9-5-2008

  40. Jennifer says:

    I am soooooooo glad I found this post!! I spray painted six chairs using two cans of spray paint and by the time I was finished, my index finger was totally numb! I woke up this morning with it just as numb…WTF?!?!?! I didn’t see a warning on the can and how the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks do these taggers spray and still feel their fingers?

  41. Cheryl says:

    I am amazed at how many people who have had the same experience that I had. It has just been two days since I used 3 cans of spray paint the conventional way… then bought a spray can trigger that made the job easier. By the time I was done I had emptied 8 cans of paint and my index finger completely numb. It is still numb with a strange sensation going up my arm. When it was still numb the next day, with a strange sensation in my whole hand, I began to wonder if I didn’t do permanent nerve damage. If I had any warning, I would have never risked permanent damage to my hand! Others need to be warned before it happens to them. A class action suit needs to be filed soon!! Why isn’t there a warning on the can!!

  42. JazmyneLiza says:

    Wow, good to know Im not the only one, but 3 whole months of waiting? Yikes! I was expecting it to be gone within the hour, and now after 24 hours I was starting to worry. But now I feel somewhat better that I see its not permemnant. I wonder if they have any vitamins or anything you can take to help speed the process? It basically sucks, makes typing difficult, and writing, which, is a double whammy since Im a full time college student, my handwriting has basically diminished haha. Oh well. At least theres hope. Good luck to you all.

    P.S. I vote we sue and get some moneys =]

  43. Brian says:

    Yikes the site got all funky and modern since my original post a 100 years ago 🙂 Just a quick update all is well fully recovered 🙂
    So keep hanging in and find another finger to scratch with LOL.
    I am pleased to say I feel fine and like a dummy what did I do the other day, pick up a can and started to spray before the penny dropped “WAIT” use the gizmo 🙂 Some people never learn 🙂 No ill effects though.

    Good luck all, keep the posts coming very interesting the magic 3 months for most though 🙂


  44. Tina says:

    I can’t even believe it! The looks I have been getting from my friends when I talk about my numb tingling finger tip, have almost had me convinced that I am officially a nut case.
    I went through 2 spray cans staining my night stand, and when I was done, well, you guessed it. Thank God I’m not crazy. Thank you for sharing your experience and saving me a doctor’s visit, not to mention my sanity and good standing with my friends.



  45. Dawn says:

    I too am in the middle of the “spray paint” numbness on my right index finger. 4 cans of paint and 6 beautiful chairs later, I am wondering and worrying whether the feeling will ever go away. It has been 10 days for me.

    Is the conclusion that the feeling will never come back? Is it a nerve problem in the finger, hand or shoulder…it could be any one of these because of the odd positions you get in getting to all angles of the things you are painting. It may be just “referring” to the finger tip.

    Also, are we sure that there is not a chemical of some kind seeping out of the can? Or the inhilation issues that may be causing the numbness? Maybe we should be talking about what type of can/paint we are all using..there may be a common type.

    What is everyone going to do…just watch and wait?

    • Keith says:

      Does anybody wonder if this is a product liability issue?Perhaps something in the chemical content has caused this?

      • Brian says:

        Note that for some of us, there was no spray-paint involved. For me, it was repeatedly holding a tile with my index finger and applying a lot of pressure off and on for a few hours that did it (operating a tile saw to trim a lot of small pieces). I think the main cause is something like smashing the nerves repeatedly for a long time, and not anything chemical in nature.

  46. Cheryl says:

    Checking back to see if there were any new updates. One month later and my finger is still numb. Hopefully everything will be back to normal at that magic 3 month mark! Until it is back to normal.. it is a huge concern! Good luck to everyone!

  47. Marjorie says:

    I used only two cans of spray paint yesterday and my finger is very numb. My husband thinks it’s not big deal but I was feeling a tad freaked out. I have used spray paint many times and never had this happen. It was not fun trying to sew up a Halloween costume when you can’t even feel the needles or fabric. I hope I get feeling again like some of you. This is just weird. (Oct. 2008)

  48. John says:

    Hello, my name is John and I have CO’SPS. 1 month after 3 cans of spray paint and I can’t feel my index finger tip. I’m just so happy to have found a support group. Woe are we. At least I can be thankful that I don’t have leprosy as my dad suggests and I don’t have to waste the co-payment for a visit to the doctor.

  49. Christina says:

    Just checking in on everyone! I must say that even though I’m 100% better after my ordeal – it still feels “weird” once in a while.. like Brian said, when I run my fingernail over it. It may be mind over matter for me though, who knows!?

    I’m a little gun, errr, spray-paint-shy though…I’ll never look at a can of spray paint the same!

    I’ll be baaaaccckkk! 🙂

  50. V says:

    Hey CO’SPS people…so glad to have found this page and all of the good info. I too was going insane until reading this. Hard to believe a simple activity can do this to you.

    For me it was 4 days ago and 3 cans of spray paint on our shed. Actually I used the first can up, then took a break while I went back to Home Depo for a couple more cans. I remember my thumb hurting a little towards the end and having to use other fingers to hold down the button. I guess I should have listened to my body telling me to stop.

    Anyway, it seems to me the length of recovery is roughly correlated with how many cans or how long you spray. I haven’t had much improvement in 4 days…just annoying more than anything–especially typing!!

    One last bit of advice for people: last year I was hit in the eye with a softball bad and got a hyphema (blood filled up the eyeball). It was terrifying because I thought I would loose my vision. However, after several months I nearly-fully recovered. Moral of the story: this too, shall pass.

  51. Chris G. says:

    Hi – my name is Chris and I am a spray-paint-a-holic (just kidding!) I normally paint with brushes, but this particular project required the use of spray paint. Both myself & my daughter were spray painting 2 weeks ago and both of us have numb index fingertips!! When we touch our fingertips with something we can now feel it (thank god!) except for the spot right below the edge of our fingernail, but for the first week or so it was like having a dead appendage. I am SO RELIEVED to read that this eventually goes away, but I am SO PISSED OFF that there are no warnings on the spray cans about this possibility happening!! Why aren’t they designed better? Why don’t they ALL come with one of those gizmo’s that attach to the can? (which, of course, I didn’t find out about until AFTER the fact!) I know this sounds a little ambulance-chaser’ish, but after reading all of these posts I think I am going to call my doctor & get it on record that this happened just in case there is a class-action lawsuit in the future…..

  52. Chris G. says:

    Oh – I wanted to add that we only used 2 cans of paint total, and that we both wore gloves and took breaks while painting so it wasn’t continual. We stopped & shook the can quite frequently and tried giving our fingers a rest while painting, so it’s got to be the pressure exerted on the button itself that is the source of the problem (that, and poor design…)

  53. hometeamdawg says:

    Wow, haven’t visited here in awhile. I see CO’SPS is trouble for many.

    I did the damage in May ’08. In August, I thought my finger was just about back to normal. But it’s now bothering me again.

    I’m happy for you who have returned to normal. I’m also surprised that no educated, clinical feedback has shown up on this site. I’ll keep checking.

  54. Kasey says:

    See the thing is with my case, I didnt really use THAT much spray paint. I did three stencils on T-shirts and had to stop due to the sunlight. Noticed its not just the tip that is numb but rather 2/3 of my fingernail size. It has been about a week now since its happened and its just boggling. It is however nice to see that its not just me, but I find it funny that its from spray paint?

  55. Liam H says:

    Last night at work I built some decorative Christmas Trees out of plywood, and went through about 4 cans of spray paint. My fingertip was numb immediately afterward, and it still is now a day later. The ironic part is that the spray paint looked like crap, so I covered it up with regular paint and a roller. Ugh, let the 3 months of healing begin…

  56. Kristen says:

    I am so glad to have found this webpage. I wasn’t actually using a spray paint can, but rather a soldering iron to wire up a friend’s new car radio, but the effect is the same – two days now and the index finger on my right hand is numb,but a little bit of feeling like it it’s not dead but in a coma. I thought I had suffered permanent nerve damage but am so happy to find the feeling may return given time. I will hold off for a week on going to the doctor, but my dad says I should get it documented even if they just tell me it will take time – how can I become assassin if I can’t feel my trigger finger? Not that I want to, but it’s a whole profession cut off to me. I hope this gets better…

  57. Rick says:

    Add another to the list. I did a side entrance gate with 2.5 cans of Krylon. Numb finger-tip resulted, thought it was JUST ME. Glad to see there was a post out there with others in the same predicament, thanks Brian. I’m 3 weeks into this phenom and on-the-mend, but not by much.

    I’m pretty good about reading directions on stuff. I didn’t see any warnings from Krylon on the potential of injury from their product. I didn’t have much paint on my finger so it wasn’t in the stream.

    There is a refridgerant consideration from the propellent. This is the more likely cause than nerve damage from continued pressure. An obscure article on the web describes focal “frost bite” with use of areosol sprays. Makes sense. Wish I was warned. Know better now. Thanks again for initiating this blog.

  58. Rick says:

    A quick follow-up.

    I called the 800 number for Krylon. Got a early 20ish sounding female who was more concerned with defending the product than listening to imput from users. She gave me every which way but Sunday to explain how I’m using the product wrong and that the can design COULDN’T POSSIBLY the cause of the finger tip numbness. She also knew that this was a known concern and suggested using the can adaptor. GREAT! I never used more than 1/4 can of spray paint at one time in my life. I was supposed to KNOW that there was a potential problem!?!?!?

    After 20 minutes of back-and-forth (so much for customer service intake personnel) she assures me that my comments and concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate bodies (more like the black hole).

    If you knew statistics, and, could take the number of replies to Brians blog and calculate the REAL insidence of injury. All of us had to actually WORK to find this web-site blog out of curiosity. How many others just live with it or head to the family doctor.

    It’s really easy to place a simple warning on the can. Especially since they know the phenom exists. If the directions on a frozen Pizza box can instruct the buyer to 1. pre heat the oven, and 2. “take the pizza out of the box”!!!! then certainly a re-design, or, warning is in order here.

  59. Brian says:

    Well hi all just thought I would check back and see how everyone else made out, seems like a lot of people experienced the same thing, as I posted way back the magic period seems to be 3 months. I must say though that I posted my finger was 100% back to normal, but in the recent cold weather I feel an ever so slightly different feeling still in the tip, this I don’t notice in normal day to day living, but when my hands got very cold I did feel a difference. I am not worried and feel it to will pass with time. So for the most part I still say the magic 3 months 🙂

    I still feel it was more to do with constant localized pressure versus a chemical / paint forced in under the skin by pressure, at least in my case. But guess what I did the other day??? Yes got a can of WD40 and started spraying before I realized (use the gadget) some dummies never learn 🙂 I would be VERY interested to know the least amount of spraying time by someone who experienced this. For example: I used many cans, some posts show just 1/4 can use. Also I find interesting is age anything to do with it? I have sprayed many many cans in the past so why now did it bother me? I am 44 and never had this problem before. Hmmmm maybe the pressure required to depress the nozzle has changed in the cans also? Anybody know?

    Good luck all, I will check back

    Brian 🙂

  60. Howard says:

    I used “rustoleum american accents” from Lowe’s , about a week ago and my index finger is still numb. How could this not be more talked about like on the news ect?? I want to sue anybody with me? I am angry!!!

  61. Howard says:

    Oh and I for got to mention my whole right hand and my wrist seems a bit slower to move around, or is a bit numb but its mainly my finger.

  62. V says:

    Update from my original CO’SPS “injury” back in 11/08:

    3 Months is indeed the going rate to full (or almost full) recovery. Pretty crazy that it takes that long. Things get better after a month but you will still notice it for another month or two.

    Makes me wonder how people who do this kind of thing for a living manage!

  63. Leo says:

    Used rustoleom rust reformer on some patio furniture. I used 4 cans, got paint on my finger, used nailpolish remover 1 hour later to get off the paint, and it is still numb 4 days later. My doctor told me to put my finger in warm water every 2-3 hours for 10 min. That makes it feel better – less pins and needles, but did not bring back normal feeling. I guess there is no warning on the can the same way there is no warning on keyboards about carpotunnel.

  64. Chris M. says:

    Sprayed about 3/4 can of spraypaint yesterday. Used same finger(index) for 1/2 hour to hour max. Tip is pretty much numb to the touch. Agree with all previous posts that a warning should be written on can. Sucks to find out from others that this will take 3 months to go away. I thought this would be a condition that would last a couple of days. Haven’t said anything new for others to learn from, but thought I should share as others have done in the past. Will update in a few weeks on the recovery.

  65. BreAnna says:

    Hi my name is BreAnna and I have “numb finger”…

    I have been numb for exactly 2 days now and am so happy that I have found a place where people understand exactly what I’m going through…LOL

    WOW WOW WOW I’m so shocked that this has happened I don’t want a numb finger!!! I am a mom of 3 and this is just one more stress added in the back of my mind.

    I type funny now… it just feels funny… I hate it it’s like an itch you can’t scratch…LOL

    But I’m glad that this is “normal” … or a “side effect” is there any legal action being brought forward?

    Wow I feel like I must warn ALL my friends… Facebook update here I come!

  66. Kim says:

    Someone needs to start a support group! Thanks god I found you guys. I thought I was crazy. It has been months for me and my finger is no longer numb, but now just feels strange when I touch things- like there is nerve damage. It feels like pins and needles when I apply pressure to it, even as I type (how annoying!).

    My question is… has anyone fully recovered…no symptoms whatsoever?

  67. Kelly says:

    I too suffer from Numb Finger. I am glad I found all of you. I was enjoying my afternoon priming and spray painting an iron birdbath for the future husband’s, a nice birthday present in my opinion.

    My wedding is coming up in late August and I just hope my pointer finger can enjoy the wedding as much as the rest of me that day. It’s been about a week now. I still have retarded finger. How is there so much graffiti in the world with an epidemic like numb finger? Those kids are hardcore!


  68. REX says:

    Yesterday I spray painted my Iowa hawkeye Fridge I wanted it to paint it Black. I used 4 cans of spray paint. I haven’t spray painted anything in a loooong time. My index finger tip is numb and has been for a day. I thought it was going to go away it has not yet and it is freaking me out!!!!!!!!!! Last Time I try painting any appliances!!! DAMMMN!!! It is also my right index finger which is also my trigger finger for hunting and if i miss a bird my yellow lab is not going to be to happy with me 😦

  69. REX says:


  70. Nicole says:

    Hi Everyone….

    Gosh, I am glad I am not crazy or falling apart at the seams. I have had a numb finger from spray painting now for 6 days. I am so thankful to know that it will eventually go away. Thank you all for sharing and providing all of us with some bit of home for recovery. I suffer from other nerve related problems in my hand and arm and really thought this had escalated it to another level. Take care all!!

  71. Nicole says:

    Opps….typo, …that was meant to be “hope for recovery”

  72. Austin says:

    Good to know that it is temporary, but geez 3 months for recovery is ridiculous! If you think about all the frivolous (common sense) warning labels on stuff these days it should be on the can!!! There are warning labels about coffee being hot for crying out loud (duh)! This is a problem that most people wouldn’t even think about until it is too late. The damage is done.

    My story:
    I helped my mom repaint her lanai frame (fancy florida word for a screened porch) this weekend. We used about 4 cans of Krylon primer and 6 cans of Krylon paint. I noticed my index finger was numb after 4 cans the first day. After finishing it the next day most of my left hand is numb. Even my middle and ring finger that never touched the nozzle are numb.

    I also noticed that much more pressure was necessary on the paint can than the primer can. I have genuine concerns about further injury due to the loss of feeling.

    This blog is great, but something needs to be done to warn others of this possibility of nerve damage. I think it will likely take a lawsuit to get a warning label on the can but I would fully support it. Anybody have any lawyer friends? I don’t want money, I just want an appropriate warning label to help prevent this from happening to others.

  73. Chris M. says:

    I wanted to give all my numb finger friends and update and a little hope. My finger incident occured on May 4, 2009. Used roughly 1 can of spraypaint to decorate a firehydrant in front of our house with my kids watching. Finger was numb right after job was completed. I would say the tip was very numb for the first three weeks of so. It would drive me nuts, never thought the feeling would come back. Beyond three week time period the tip slowly started to get better. Less numbness and tingling with every week that passed. It is now June 23, 2009 and I would say my finger is nearly back to the way it used to be. I hope the rest of u recover as quick as I did. Take care all and good luck!!!!

    • Ken Becker says:

      Hi All:

      Before I proceed, if receiving a free CAN-GUN1 Aerosol Spray Can Tool, which ELIMINATES SPRAY FINGER NUMBNESS offends you, please skip this post!

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      I’ve been told that our new CAN-GUN1 is: ‘The best thing since the aerosol can” and I’m offering the first 5 folks from the spray paint numbness thread who email me at ken@safeworld.com with their snail mail address (please, one request per address!), a ‘Free of Charge,’ brand, spankin’ new CAN-GUN1, for their very own! I only ask one thing in return: that you come back to this forum and honestly share your impressions of my new CAN-GUN1. That’s it! I share. You share back. Please, just honest feedback. Thanks!

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      • Jeanne says:

        Hey, I have numb finger as of ten days now and would love to get your gadget. I need to do more and will not use a spray can without it. Please let me know how to give you my snail mail.


  74. Ken Becker says:

    Hi Jeanne:

    I am packaging your free CAN-GUN1 right now and will drop in the in the mail on my way home tonight. I will send it to the address you emailed me. Please give it a couple of days to get to you from So. Oregon.

    I ask only one favor in return, please come back to this blog and post your honest feedback about my new CAN-GUN1! That’s it.

    Thanks so much!

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    Ken Becker, CAN-GUN1 Inventor
    President, SafeWorld Int’l., Inc.

  75. Jeanne says:

    I will leave a reply on the site. My only problem is my finger is numb already. I am hoping it goes away soon. So far it has not changed at all. It’s been ten days. Thanks for your generoisity. I am anxious to see what this Can-Gun1 looks like. And I am telling my friends about this.


  76. Ken Becker says:

    Jeanne! Thanks! Your sample is on its way!

    BTW, with CAN-GUN1 you can use your OTHER hand and fingers because it’s so easy to use!!!

    Or, because you’ll be using for fingers, you can try using CAN-GUN1 in the hand whose finger is already numb since you still have 3 working digits. Either way, and in either hand, I think you will be delighted.

    When you get it, Try it and let me know!



  77. Brian Jarvis says:

    Well just checking back to see how everyone else faired with their fingers 🙂 Mine as i reported back a 100 years ago at the beginning of this forum, is back to normal and the 3 month window is the magic time it seems for most.

    Sad to see this interesting forum has become a flea market for free stuff and marketing purposes, oh well.

    Good luck to all


  78. cangun1 says:

    Hi Brian:

    Please, before you are so quick to judge my sincerity and the value of my product as yet mere drivel in a vast wasteland of flea market junk, check out the feedback on my new blog page at http://www.cangun1.com/blog of those who, due to my making a similar offer on another forum, took me up on receiving a free sample of my new, 30 year in the making, spray can tool. Regardless of your judgement of my motivation, after reading these posts, I believe you will no doubt concur two things:
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    2. There is a simple, low cost, green solution/remedy which alleviates this problem that not only have over 80 post here been a witness of but over 15,000 Google hits confirm, spray paint finger numbness is a real & serious affliction to those using an aerosol spray can.

    FYI, you’re probably going to really hate me for what I’m about to tell you but… I just sent out 1700 free CAN-GUN1 to the lucky testers at Handyman How To and Street Thunder magazines in order to gauge their feedback. Some of their initial feedback is just rolling into my website’s blog page. One such post by Handyman member #07540401, said:

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    So, once again, I am a very small, U.S. based, family business, and I’ve poured my heart, soul, and experience into making the best, Pain-Free, darn spray can handle ON THE PLANET, and not sharing that info with the readers of this forum would be tantamount to “Silence is foo!”

    Marketing or no, the pain free proof is in the puddin’: Numb fingers are no laughing matter, however, the remedy/solution, “Is at Hand!”

    As whoever it is said it: ‘Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Now the spray can using public has a choice.



  79. Dee Dee says:

    It’s been quite an annoying week since I became a member of the spraypainter’s numb finger club. Can’t say I am happy to join you. Really wish I had some warning before I decided to redo my patio furniture. Can’t believe how many people are suffering and there is no help.

  80. Jeanne says:

    I got my Can-Gun1 in the mail yesterday and it looks pretty cool. Thank you, Ken. I will try it this weekend. It is hot here and I have to do it outside. I will finish the birdcage that gave me the numb finger in the first place. It has been three weeks since this started. Still numb. I don’t know what it would take to demand any spray paint mfg provide this or recommend use of this type of gadget be used when painting. It is very uncomfortable. I use my mousepad for everything and it is really annoying and bothering me.


  81. Megan says:

    Here’s my update:

    I spray painted in May, the beginning of May to be exact, when my right index finger tip went numb. I came here reading hundreds of comments of people who’s numb finger last months, over a year, years, etc.

    I come to you today to happily declare that my finger IS NO LONGER NUMB! That’s right! Only 2 months did I have a numb finger! I had it bad too, so don’t think I am any exception or different than the next girl. The only thing I can think to owe this amazingly fast healing to is to my diet. Healing nerve damage comes from the inside out, and I believe that my high raw vegan diet has helped my body heal in amazing ways.

    Thank god, because I really didn’t want a numb finger for years.



  82. Mike says:

    I’ll be damned if I let this thread die out, so here it is: My name is Mike and I have CO’SPS 🙂

    I used gloves and a mask and noticed the numbness after about 1 can of paint. I then switched fingers. It’s still numb, 10 days later.

    Thing is, spray can companies aren’t gonna admit they f*d up until they’re proven guilty in court. They currently sell “comfort grips” separately. But they won’t become standard on sprays, because that would be the same as the company admitting fault on their part.

    So what’s gonna happen is the waiting game. They know they’ll be paying out money someday, because this is obviously a problem. But they won’t instigate a change. It’s up to the sufferers of CO’SPS to bring a class action law suit if they actually wanna see the change.

    Maybe we should just gather a mob for a bumrush of Krylon headquarters…meh.

    Oh, and if this saddens you, then think of the poor people in the 1900’s that were suddenly surprised to find out tobacco was responsible for cancer. Things can always be worse, so pick your nose with your other finger for a while. Toodles.

  83. Meghan says:

    Whew! I am sure glad to know that I’m not the only person this has happened to! I spray painted a changing table earlier, and after using a can and a half my finger felt almost completely numb at the end. Actually, at first I thought the numb feeling was coming from the paint that was on my finger (the sensation was slightly akin to the feeling of having stuck the tip of it in super glue) but after I washed the paint off I still had the numbness. I was a little disappointed to hear that it takes so long to go away, but I am glad now that it actually WILL go away. It feels so weird haha…

  84. Kim says:

    The same thing happened to me after using adhesive spray mount 5 days ago for less than 15 minutes. The can warns about “chronic overexposure” and advises users to “wear gloves for prolonged or repeated contact.” I figured a one-time brief use wouldn’t be a problem.

    My right pointer finger is numb, and neighboring areas in my right hand are less responsive than before.

    Hope all our fingers recover quickly!

  85. Wendy says:

    OK, I’ve joined your party. Spray painted three weeks ago, and have the apparently typical annoying nerve pinching pain in my pointer finger. When I was painting I noticed that the can’s ‘button’ I was pushing was harder to push than usual—and it almost immediately left a deep purple ‘bruise’ that I thought, “I’ll just finish this job and it’ll be fine”. Well, that night I couldn’t sleep it hurt so bad. Not only is it numb—but when I do certain things it catches me off guard with a wincing pain that feels like it’s getting an electrical charge….nerve damage for sure. Going to see if there’s any physical therapy I can do to get the show on the road toward recovery. There are worse ailments out there—but this one is soooo stupid and preventable that it irritates me to no end.

  86. robert says:

    another victim here. A can of rustoleum and the tip of my index finger has been numb all week. This is clearly a design defect that has hurt many people. They warn about being hurt in so many other ways on the can, they should have warned about this.
    As far as importance of this body part in the grand scheme of things, I think it is unquestionably important. The density of nerve endings in the tip of index finger is amongst the highest in the body. If my finger remains like this I will be taking action.
    Has anybody investigated the possibility of a class-action suit?

  87. Steve says:

    Hey all. I used 4 gallons of painting primer (B-I-N) for a small studio co-op and began noticing the left side of my body go numb. I had the windows wide open as well as 2 fans to circulate air but no mask. The pins-and-needles sensation left after I went for some fresh air but the numbness to my left thumb has yet to dissipate. After some research it appears that inhaling the primer caused some mild nerve damage. Why to my left side of my body and not the right, I have no clue. I’m 32 so I doubt it was a mild heart attack, but anything is possible. Could the fumes agitate a pre-existing condition I don’t know about?
    I called the local poison control center and they said the local pain couldn’t pertain to any chemical inhalant, but clearly the rep was wrong since so many have been suffering from breathing in Rustoleum fumes, etc.
    Just wanted to share my experience. I hope this numbness dissipates. I’ll wait 3 months if I have to but I pray to God this just goes away!!!

  88. Leighann says:

    I just used Rustoleum yesterday on some furniture, and my finger was numb. I thought in a few hours it would be back to normal, well its the next morning, and its still numb. I have been massaging it, hoping it will help. It feels so weird. And I just want it to go away. I keep fearing that I have nerve damage and it will never come back. 😦 Well I will be back to let you all know how its healing.

  89. Brook says:

    My finger is soo numb!!
    I was also using Rustoleum, I used 1 1/2 cans of it. I’m not sure if it’s numb because I had my finger compressed on the button or if it was the actual spray that was constantly coming in contact with my finger. Maybe it was a combination?
    I guess I’m on the long road to recovery now 😦
    CO’SPS survivors 4L

  90. Ken says:

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    Thanks, and happy, PAIN-FREE, spraying!


  91. Andrea says:

    My finger was numb for over two months after using a spray can primer. I found this site and was relieved that I don’t have some odd nerve condition! I just put the finishing paint coat on the same project using the CANGUN1…what a GREAT tool!!! It makes spraying from any spray can completely painless and less messy. It is sooo easy to take on and off and stays on when installed. If you want to take care of the nerves in your fingers I would highly recommend getting the cangun!

  92. Ken says:

    Hi Andrea!

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    I am comforted to hear of your successes with my new invention and appreciate your taking the time to share them with me and many others!

    All the best for, dare I say it, Less Pressure, More Pleasure… CAN-GUN1.


  93. Bernadette Perez says:

    I too used Rustoleum, just one can, yesterday, and my pointer finger is still numb. Is anyone investigating a class-action suit?

  94. Ken Becker says:

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  95. Brook says:

    Just stop, you’re ruining this thread.
    Your product is nothing new… I had 3 options at my small local hardware store for spray paint triggers…

    Get over yourself

  96. Michelle says:

    I am so fired up about this! I have been waiting for the feeling inmy fingertip to return for nearly a month. I am still holding on to hope for a full recovery by month 3. It is totally irresponsible for these companies not to give warning or change their product design. This thread alone demonstrates 2 years of the same complaints. We need a lawyer!

  97. Brian says:

    Just checking back from my way way post at the beginning of this, all is still well, sorry to see others are just yet getting the beginning of finding this group.
    And YES well said Brook. Ken get over your damn self and stop ruining this damn useful post with your sales pitch for a frigging spray gun anyone can buy from Home Depot anyway. You didn’t invent a time machine for God’s sake.
    The one I brought is made in China and works fine. Enough of the banter just respect others who are using this forum to ease their concerns and worries. We all know you INVENTED the greatest thing in the WORLSD and will give ANYONE who asks a freebee. So THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU. Now let other people air their concerns and stop turning it into a sales market. Becuase if it is that great why market on here.
    I will discuss this no more.
    And for all others who seriously want to share others experience, good luck. As for myself still doing well, thanks and good luck all.

  98. Brian says:

    Ooops damn typos sorry 🙂

  99. Kathy says:

    I can’t believe this happened to me. I used one can of spray paint and alternated hands. My right pointer finger has been numb for the last week. There should definitely be a LARGE warning on the can. I wouldn’t have used it knowing I’d have no feeling in my finger after finishing.

  100. Kevin says:

    My thoughts exactly 🙂 Well said Brook
    Who cares if you invented a plastic spray gun. if it is SOOOO Popular why try to sell it on here or give it way. I was grateful to find this post, I sprayed 3 cans and my finger is numb, so good to know I am not alone. Thank you everyone and I will be back. And KEN GET A LIFE !

  101. Julie says:

    This is CRAZY! I used four cans of spray paint over the weekend and I can’t feel my index finger at all. I asked a doctor friend about it and he said not to worry, that the feeling would eventually come back, but I was thinking days not months! I am a writer with several deadlines this week and I can barely even type! And writing with a pen is completely out of the question… I am livid! I read the instructions twice and I saw no mention of potential finger trauma. Thank you for this blog. I was convinced I had some freakish and rare ailment.

  102. Leighann says:

    I am following up. Its been 1.5 months since my spray paint numb finger incident. And I really have forgotten about it. Its still alittle numb, not as bad as it was. But its still numb to the touch. I guess I just got used to it. Hoping another 1.5 months cures it.

  103. Jennifer says:

    So thankful to read I am not the only one with really annoying condition! I have been spraying furniture for a week or so and used the first 6 cans and my hand started to cramp. My husband bought me the trigger adapter thingy and I only used about a can and a half before my finger tip was numb. So go figure!?! Hope everyones fingers are better soon =)

  104. Nathan says:

    I’m also suffering from CO’SPS. I used 4 cans of spray black laquer. Finger was quite sore and numb after finishing. I was surprised to find the tip was totally numb the next day.
    It is now 4 days later and still numb. I decided to see if any other people had this same occurance and came across this website. I’m glad to see that there is hope to regaining feeling, but dissapointed that it will take so long. I’ve spray painted in the past and never had this issue.
    I noticed that the nozzle on the paint i bought took alot of pressure to depress. This is probably what over did it and damaged the nerve in my finger tip.
    I’m definately going to be more careful in the future when using spray paint.

  105. Jimmy says:

    Well, like the rest of you, I have also suffered the damaging effects of spray cans. I had 3 different cans, all Rust-oleum. Two of them were Painters Touch, they had a really nice big white nozzle, my finger fit in there perfectly with no pain.

    The offender was the Rust-oleum black enamel. It had a standard nozzle. I hate it, it feels so weird when I type.

  106. Brook says:

    2-3 months and it will be completely healed.. in a few days you wont even be thinking about it. I know right now it seems really terrible but believe me… it’s not bad after too long.

    It’s been almost 3 months and It was at least 3 weeks ago when I noticed it was back to normal, it it could’ve been back for some time before I noticed.

    Anyway, good luck!!!


    CO’SPS survivor

  107. Jonathan says:

    hello all my name is Jonathan and this is my second time bing diagnosed with CO’SPS the first time was after a and 8 can job and it was gone later that day well this time it was after a 6 can job and this is day too with no feeling at all

    My name is, Jonathan and i have CO’SPS

  108. Jenny says:

    I can’t believe I found this thread.
    who would have thought that a little can of paint could be so dangerous?

    I’m just waking up to day 2 of numbness after using a half a can of rustoleum to paint the base of a table.
    Not looking forward to three weeks of this.

  109. Doug says:

    Well add another to the list. I used one can of Krylon paint in one sitting and three weeks later my index fingertip is still numb. Although it is better than it was, it is slow to get feeling back. Good to know three months is the majic time.!

  110. Erin says:

    All I can say is…’hallelujah’!!! Three hours and six Rustoleum spray paint cans later, I was kicking myself for being so motivated to get my home improvement project done that I kept spraying even though my finger started hurting. I just swapped fingers/hands a couple of times because I was bound and determined to finish the job! Now I’m definitely kicking myself five days later knowing, after reading this thread, that my pain will most likely last for three more months, if not longer!! People at work thought I was losing my mind as I tried explaining what pain and annoyance I was feeling so was thrilled when my boss ‘googled’ it and found this thread. I feel vindicated now and they’ve stopped laughing at me (sort of…). All the talk of “difficulty typing” is so true, not to mention just the sheer aggrevating feeling (or lack of feeling) that I now know won’t be going away any time soon. Ugghhh!! I did look on the can after the fact to see if there was any verbiage about the risk of nerve damage and there wasn’t, thank goodness, because I certainly would have felt even more ridiculous! Well, as silly as it sounds, and not that I want other people to be miserable, but I do find comfort in knowing I’m not the only one suffering from this crazy problem!! I could say “this is what I get for being efficient!” Maybe I need to go back to being lazy!! 🙂

  111. Johnny says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. I spray painted for less than an hour and the tip of my finger is completely numb. I’m very relieved that it’s temporary.

    Here’s to the next three months!

  112. Joe W says:

    I’m surprised this is so common! My fingertip has been numb for about a week and I was starting to get worried.

    I sprayed less than 2 cans of automotive paint, although one of the nozzles was particularly stiff. I wore a respirator, goggles, and nitrile gloves, but I never even considered that I would end up with nerve damage from the stupid spray nozzle.

    The worst part is that the finish didn’t even come out good, and it needs to be sanded off and redone… adding insult to injury.

    There should definitely be a warning on the label. Although I probably would have ignored it anyways :).

    • Melba says:

      I sprayed a bathtub at my sons house. I noticed my finger was numb on the way home. I have diabetes and sometimes my toes feel numb, but not this dead. I was glad to find this site, sorry that people have to go thru this with no warning. It is not fun. I agree there should be a warning on the cans.

  113. Grayson Tyler says:

    Just happened to me. Thank god for the internet. But. Shit.

  114. SHELLEY says:

    This is crazy. I thought I was crazy. I kept telling my daughter. She told me to “google” it and I found you guys. This really sucks.

  115. Victor says:

    Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was trying to make a Joker costume for Halloween by using green and purple spray paint and my index finger is numb. I thought it was because I might have inhaled too many fumes from the paint or something. Hope it goes away….

  116. Pingback: Theory «

  117. Gary says:

    Does this comment remind you of the dead spot on your finger?

    Kind Regards,

  118. Jonathan says:

    Update yet again I have won the fight against CO’SPS though It seems I will be very prone to having it again I have 13 cans screaming to be used well wisg me luck and to those out there still fighting dond give up!

    My name is Jonathan and I’m a two time CO’SPS survivor!

  119. Jenny says:

    Oy! Here’s a club I never heard of nor wanted to join, but after 2 cans pa spray paint, my index finger is NUMB! So glad to know I’m not nuts nor alone. Anyone out there know of a good class action suit lawyer who might want to take us on?

  120. ant says:

    i used a few cans a few weeks ago, it was cold outside and my finger is still numb. the tip looks really bad because it appears there is blood bottled up under the hard skin where i pressed the cap…its hard, ugly, and numb…

  121. Robert says:


    Has anyone even went to a doctor?


  122. Tim says:

    This site is a joke…

  123. Ollie says:

    my finger is not numb anymore. it took a whole year and a half to get over it. It was just hell but i did get used to it and was able to do everything with it. I barely noticed when it went a way. But go to a doctor i would REALLY recommend it.

  124. Rusty says:

    Eye rcintly sprie pinted a cuple chairz and a tibble, my fingr was num for a lil bit but den after about to hours, it strted felling betr.

  125. Kyle says:

    It was nice stumbling on this 3 year old post. I used up a can of primer + 4 cans of paint this weekend. I too expected the numbness to go away in about a day, but now I’m at least relieved to find others who have gone through the same thing!

    Going to get one of those attachment “gun” things for sure.

  126. ktt says:

    Just did this exact thing and lost the feeling in my finger tip this weekend- I hate the feeling, but overall the situation is pretty funny and has been a good story for the past couple days.

  127. bethany says:

    So last night while working at a school carnival and spraying kids hair different colors for about 1 1/2 hours this same thing happened to me. I’ve spray pained for much longer periods of time before and never had any discomfort. Maybe it was the design of the nozzle? I’m hoping that being 19 will actually benefit my in this case and my nerves will heal faster than 3 months.

  128. Catherine says:

    I’m so glad to have found this sight. I didn’t even use a whole can of spray paint and my finger has been numb for a week now. When I told my husband it was numb, he asked why I didn’t use the “handle thingy” that I had bought for him to use. Well, I didn’t even remember buying one of those! The numbness is now mostly at the end of my finger right by the nail. It’s just weird. Is there anything a doctor can do for it?

  129. Jamie says:

    OMG, I thought I was going crazy I’m so glad I found this blog. I was spray painting some patio furniture last night when I noticed my finger tip was numb, I thought it would go away over night, but when I woke up this morning it was still just as numb! I guess I’ll just have to give it some time, and retire the paint can. Thanks and good luck fellow numb fingers!!

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  131. walter says:

    Oh crud. Same here. It’s been two days and still numb. I’m really glad I found this site though. At least I know I’m not going crazy.

  132. alicia says:

    This past week I have been working on painting an outdoor table and chair set. The table is quite long, and there are a total of six chairs. I went through six cans of rustoleum primer with no numbness, just a sore hand and wrist. However, when I switched to a different can of rustoleum for the top coat, I began experiencing numbness. I believe this is from the difference in nozzle. The primer had a wider, and more ergonomic shape to it that was easy on my fingertip. The other type of paint, had a tinier nozzle that was really uncomfortable. Unfortunately, since I figured the initial pain and following numbness would go away after an hour or two, I kept spraying away, most likely worsening the damage. I had NO idea it would take as long as three months to heal. That is just so shocking to me! I suppose it could be worse. Today is day two so I have a long way to go…

  133. cliff says:

    I used about 6 cans of Valspar spray paint on some kids furniture with no notice of numbness until later that night. The cans had wide nozzles so I don’t think that makes much difference. It is a week later and still have numbness. I have never heard of this and neither had anyone else I talked to so I thought I was going crazy! The numbness is a little better but I think it will take a while. There definitely should be a warning on the can. As I can see from the number of posts, this is not a bizarre incident but a regular problem. I always try to read the directions and precautions listed. Good to know for future use though!

  134. Jen says:

    I’m so glad I found this! A little late, but informative nonetheless. It’s quite amazing to see so many others with this ridiculous affliction.

    I’m at about 4 weeks of numbness and my friends and family think I’m crazy. Looks like I only have 2 months left before I get all the feeling back in my fingertip.

    I spray paint alot for work and have since bought a Rustoleum trigger gizmo – it works great. Wish I had found it first…

  135. Rachael says:

    Glad to know I am in good company. Stupid patio furniture and Rustoleum.

    I have some thoughts on what might speed healing, I am no kind of doctor, this is all speculation, so buyer beware.

    NAC is a supplement that increases glutithion a strong anti-oxidant that helps your body clear toxic stuff. I think the numb finger is as likely to be a result of nerve damage from the solvents as it is the result of a compression injury. My finger isn’t numb where I was pressing, it is numb where the solvents and stuff leaked on the tip of the finger. My husband got a lot of paint on his feet and his feet were numb too the first night. The feet got better fast, the fingers which had a greater exposure are not getting better yet.

    B vitamins support nerves, so I am slightly upping my intake of B vitamins.

    Solvents dissolve fats, so I am also supplementing with essential fatty acids like fish oil. Nerves are coated with fats.

    I am not advocating for any weird mega dosing, just thinking that making sure that I am taking normal doses of normal supplements might help my finger get better faster. Wish me luck.

  136. Beth says:

    Thanks for your blog post! Me. Two weeks ago. One and half cans of spray paint. Constantly tingly/numbness in index finger. This really blows because I work on a keyboard 40 hours a week and use the fingerpad on my laptop when I’m home so the weird sensation is rarely out of my mind. If I had had SOME warning I would have gladly sprung for the accessory to prevent it.

  137. Maria says:

    A warning should be issued on spray cans! I used RustOleum brand spray paint on an outdoor lamp post, spending only about 20-25 minutes spraying. I recall that my index fingertip felt very, very cold. Immediately after I finished the job, I lost feeling at the tip of my index finger. For 7 weeks, I felt absolutely nothing at the tip of the finger, and I also experienced some terrible pain in the lower part of the finger whenever I did any kind of activity that required pushing buttons. It was a terrible experience. This nerve damage persisted steadily for about 6 weeks, to the point where I thought I would never have feeling in my fingertip again. During week 6 there was some slight improvement where I felt a tingling “pins and needles” sensation in the fingertip, and then finally one morning, I woke up and could feel the tip of my finger again. I am never using spray paint again!

  138. Lisa says:

    Oh, so glad to find this site. Spray painted a wooden rocking chair two weeks ago, one can of spray paint, approximately 15 minutes of on-and-off spraying and the tip of my index finger was completely numb afterward. Really scary. Seems to have improved about 30% since the first day, but still various numb spots in the nail bed and finger tip. Feels tingly when I push on it. I’m hoping the three-month healing period will work for me as it has for others on this site and restore the feeling in my finger. I will never use spray paint again without protection for my fingers. I also agree with others on this site that a warning about the potential for this be posted prominantly on each can and the attachment guns be prominantly located in the the spray paint case with the paint.

  139. Risha says:

    I thought I was just a lunatic who didn’t know how to spray paint. It’s been four days since I spray-painted my classroom podium (2.5 cans), and my pointer finger feels so weird/tingly/numb. I can’t believe this isn’t a unique situation.

    Has anyone gone to the doctor for this? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  140. Leigh says:

    I thought I was such a wimp. I used two spray cans on some metal furniture and by the time the second can was empty I could not use my index finger. I also alternated hands. I have numbness and tingling in my wrist. The main problem I have is difficulty in picking up things with my index finger and thumb and I cannot write with a pen or pencil. Glad to know that it is temporary. I will use the accessory next time for sure!
    Any tips to reduce the healing time?

  141. Patrick says:

    Hey guys,

    I am so glad that I found your reports on “spraypaint-numbness”. I was so afraid that I might have caused permanent damage!

    I used two cans of high temperature proof paint when I was building a barrel smoker 2 days ago. The fingertip of my right index finger is still numb, but it got better since when it first started. I feel a little electric tingling in the fingertip which is a good sign in my opinion.

    I hope it will be alright in a couple of days. I bought a special Can-adaptor-gun on ebay for future spraypaint sessions 😉


    • Kevin Nickel says:

      That is EXACTLY how I got my numb finger tip. I built a double 55 gallon drum smoker and painted it all twice. It has been a week or so and now I can’t wait to go home from work and say “See…I’m not a nut job” Thanks for all your posts. They help. I think we should go get the executives of Krylon to come paint my deck with spray cans and see if they like it.

  142. Larry says:

    2 cans of Valspar paint and I have 2 great looking end tables and one very numb index finger. I work on a computer all day and I’m miserable. I agree, with all the warnings on the can already how could this be missed?

  143. ariela says:

    i went to my houseboat with my grandpa and he made me primer all the bottom of my houseboat (the medal) and than when it dried painted it black i felt like i was paint high and my finger is still numb and i dont like it and its been 3 days help me !!!! ive tried squeezing the crap out of it to help but nothing ……weird what do i do it dont hurt its just annoying and i dont want my finger to fall offf….

  144. Maggie says:

    This is so strange. I hate not having feeling in my finger. It’s hard to write, type, use a phone…everything! I cannot believe there isn’t a warning for this. This is a definate design flaw.

  145. krista says:

    I am a new CO’SPS victim. I spray painted a dresser this weekend, October 9th and 10th, and began noticing my right index finger was numb after painting only about 1/4 of my poject. I figured it was just from pressing the tiny spray button and it would be fine in a few hours. It’s only need two days, but I have been growing increasingly alarmed, considering a visit to the doctor. I told my cousin and my boyfriend about it and they both kinda just looked at me funny saying they were sure it was nothing. I’m an art major in college and I work fulltime with a computer daily…I need my finger to feel! The scrolling mouse button has to be the most annoying part of this so far. To my right index finger, it really feels dead and hard. But if I touch it with my other hand, it feels like normal healthy skin.

    I used rustoleum appliance epoxy. I went through about four cans of this stuff last summer on a refrigerator and had no problem whatsoever. I had some left over and thought a glossy black dresser would be nice and I could use up the left over spray cans. I should have stuck with my original plan of painting with a brush.

    Occasionally, my finger feels cold. Kind of like when your foot falls asleep and first wakes up. I hope thays a sign of improvement. I can’t say it feels any better but I guess I may be adjusting to it.

    I want in on this class action lawsuit. There was nothing on that damn can about this and I never would have risked it had I known.

  146. WoodJam says:

    6 Cans of rustoleum black gloss exterier way back in fall 2008. After a week I knew it was long term nerve damage.

    It took about a year to somewhat heal.

    A few months ago I used a few cans of Kiltz primer and now its back in full force.

    The keyboard has no effect but the mouse scroll wheel triggers it on contact just by lightly resting my finger on it.

    In my opinion this indicates that its all about certain nerve pressure points on the tip of the finger.

    What helped me was letting the nail grow as long as you can tolerate and squeezing the tip on a regular basis to promote fresh blood circulatiom.

  147. Kevin Nickel says:

    I got on board this ship a couple of weeks ago. Hoping my symptoms leave in three months. I guess what surprises my is the fact that the numb feeling doesn’t get better as fast as cutting off a finger tip. Most of my wounds at least feel better in a few days maybe a week. I just find it strange.

  148. Bill N says:

    Well, glad I found this site, too. I spraypainted some stuff a month ago, I’d say. Now, I’ve done plenty before, too, though. But, this time, my right index finger felt weird after.

    It’s still not better. Maybe a little, but not all that noticeable. I was hoping I didn’t need a Dr visit, as I no longer have insurance. Good to hear I probably don’t, as I’m not sure they’d do any good for me, that I can’t do myself.

    Got more spraying to do, so guess I better go check out those Trigger things.

  149. Kevin Nickel says:

    Only 13 more weeks to go. Fingertip is still numb. Maybe I’m lucky but only half of my finger tip is numb.

  150. Brandon says:

    Oh great. Today and yesterday I was spray painting some things, and I ended up going through around 8 cans today alone. I had the same reaction as you did, thinking it would go away after a few minutes. This should be alot of fun….

  151. Jerry says:

    I thought of putting in keywords for our condition, Thanks to this site for the relief of knowing what caused it to my finger as well.

  152. Patrick again says:

    Hey guys,

    after having trouble with my right index finger in August I just wanted to add that everything is back to normal. It took about 2 months. I think the pressure during spraying causes a little nerve damage, which is reversible. So you see: There is hope ;)!

    Best wishes to all “spraypaint-finger-numbys”

    • Patrick again says:

      I forgot to mention that I did a “concentration routine” a few times every day. I looked at my fingertip and focused on feeling the electric tingling. It worked very good, I could let the tingling grow stronger or weaker. Maybe you can use this “exercise” for your finger numbness.

  153. Tim says:

    This is something that should be warned about on the spray can. I’m going three months strong with a numb finger tip, and dismayed by the number of people that have responded to this blog. But why would they want to scare you from using their product? Warning: Simply using this product for a short time may cause your finger to be numb for the rest of your life. I guarantee you this is an issue that they are well aware of and do not wish to advertise.

  154. cara says:

    So interesting!

    1 week in.

    My “pointer” fingertip become numb after decorating xmas cookies this past week! I made cookies and tried to cut corner/save time by using the canned icing. Canned icing could never, ever compare to the real deal and now my fingertip is numb! WTH? Praying it goes away over time. Not sure a Dr. could help this in any way…

    Live and learn, right? 🙂

  155. Kevin Nickel says:

    It’s been just over 2 months and I don’t think of my finger tip anymore. It is almost all healed. When I squeeze it, there is still a teeny numb feeling. 95% if I had to guess.

  156. christina white says:

    This is so crazy!! I painted on my sons wall tonight with spray paint, and after I was done noticed my middle finger tip completly numb from having such a grip on the bottle. I thought I have frozen it through the bottle, and when I googled it, I found this, they should have a warning, now I know what to expect. Thanks.

  157. Travis says:

    I’m Travis, and I have numb finger. 2 cans of rust-oleum painters touch is all it took. What’s odd to me is that I have, on several occasions, used far more spray paint at one time than what I did today. It’s only been about 5 hours, but I figure I’m in for the long haul.

    It’s only the inside part of my right index finger’s last segment that is numb and tingly. Guess we will see how long it takes….

  158. Bill N says:

    Have faith if you get this numbness. Since I had this happen in the fall and posted here, mine has slowly but surely gotten better. I can hardly tell any numbness anymore……I’m guessing’s it’s 90-95% now.

    I too had sprayed many times before, until suddenly this happened. I know I won’t be again without that spray helper dothingee.:)

  159. Nocluebouttheroo says:

    This happened to me in less than 5 minutes of spray painting. My finger felt like it had frostbite….and still does. I was using BLACK paint. The brand is ColorPlace, distributed by Walmart, so who knows who actually manufactured it…..maybe… Rustoleum????….
    Perhaps if people could post which product they were using, we can establish a pattern.
    Thanks for posting everyone….. I thought I was crazy.

  160. jori says:

    It is winter here in Wisconsin, and when some of our local boys were going to state for wrestling, I thought I would show support by spraypainting “Good Luck at State” on the snowbank. When I finished, and came in the house, my hands were cold, and when they warmed up, my index finger was still numb. It hurt, but was numb. It stayed numb, and a discoloration started on the end of my finger. It almost looked bruised. I just thought I had pressed the trigger so hard that maybe I had bruised it. I found this forum, and wasnt too worried about the numbness after reading all the other posts, but now my “bruised” looking finger is now white and is also rock hard! It is very disconcerting to have this numb hard appendage. Is this frostbite? Could it be from the propellant in the can or some of the paint got on my finger, but could a wet finger freeze that fast? I felt better reading the posts, but nobody ever mentioned a hardening of the numb spot so now I feel back at square one.

  161. William Sole says:

    Blogging keeps me insane. Keep up all the positive work. I too love to blog. I found this one to be very informative

  162. Heather W says:

    Wish I would have done my homework before I primed and painted 6 chairs for a client. 10 spray cans later I have a completely numb pointer finger and my middle finger isn’t much better off. I did the work in a course of 4 straight hours. The chairs look amazing, the client is happy and I am left with no feeling in my finger. I even bought an adapter to make the can work more like a spray bottle. It makes me sick to think I may not get feeling back.

    As long as I know that one day it may return (based on other posts) I guess I will put up and shut up. Thanks for sharing. I too was off to the doctor on Monday but what is the point.

  163. Hallie says:

    Well, I’m this week’s victim. My bed looks beautiful, my finger is completely numb at the tip. I was annoyed initially, inviting my husband to laugh at me after 10 hours and a little concerned after 24. Congratulations for being first on the Google search, I’m all in for that class action…2 months, 29 days to go.

  164. Haywood says:

    Maybe there is hope for me? I only went through about 6 cans of paint and 2 cans of paint stripper over the course of a few days – stripping and repainting a bike for my kid. My guess is that equates to anywhere from 4-8 hours of constant spraying. It’s been about a week and my finger tip is still numb – better than before, but I’m still at that “callous” stage. And yes, the only thing that it really affects is using my mouse roller wheel!

    Funny thing is that I have bought those spray can triggers multiple times…..but I can never find them when I need them!

  165. Stacy says:

    I went through a can of paint in effort to restore an old antique which took me no longer than 3 minutes. I’ve had numbness in my pointer finger (the one used to hold down the nozzle)… It’s been about 5 days and did subcide about 50% in the first 24 hours. From what I am reading, I am optimistic that it will be better in a matter of months. I think you’ll all agree, this was certainly not worth it and there should absolutely be some kind of warning!

  166. Gayle says:

    Another victim here 😦 One can of Valspar spraypaint from Lowe’s and I noticed numbness in my index finger. After two days, no improvement. Comparing the ease of compression on the aerosol tip, Valspar is MUCH harder to push down compared to Rustoleum or Ace’s brand. And I had to laugh: Valspar said it had a “comfort” tip — ha! I guess it numbs you into comfort, like novocaine. I agree with the multitudes of posters…there really needs to be a warning on the label. The only comfort I have is finding this site! Thanks 🙂

  167. ohsuplauren says:

    June 19th I used 3 cans of Krylon to spray paint some night stands. The “EZ TOUCH 360º DIAL” is supposed to offer “more comfort, less finger fatigue.” Which, when your finger is numbed, I suppose it’s hard to feel much of anything, cramping or fatigue included. It’s 3 days later and not a sign of feeling. Hoping it comes back, but judging by all the comments, looks like I’m just not going to feel anything with this little guy anymore.

  168. J says:

    I too have been a long time victim of the dreaded spray paint index pain.My job used require me to use spray paint on a daily basis and always had the pain,so much so that i’d use a dif. finger everytime i had to ‘spray’ so yea every single one of my fingers has had some numbing.

    I currently have a date with ‘Invent Help’ about a ‘product’ to help with this numbness,it dawned on me what is needed.I’ve used it ever since an voila,no more numbness.Hopefully they won’t laugh me out of the room when i give them my ‘invention’. I have an appointment July 5th so we’ll see what happens.

    I’ll come back that day and post what it is and what they said,

  169. Holly says:

    Three days ago I used 2 and 1/2 cans of STUPID spray paint and now my index finger feels numb and weird. Washing my hair has been annoying. I literally thought my finger was going to fall off and could not stop crying because I was so frustrated and annoyed. Thanks to this site I feel a lot better knowing that I am not the only one out there. But I am not going to lie – I am SO bummed that it may not heal or may take months. I want my finger to go back to normal!!!!!! I hate spray paint and will never, ever use it again!

  170. sheila S says:

    So happy to find this site. I sprayed my patio furniture and now have a numb finger. I am going on a week. I keep waking up everyday thinking it will be gone and it isn’t! It is such an annoying feeling and hard not to think about it when I am using my fingertip! I was hoping for something like a week but now it sounds like it could be months!

  171. yvonne says:

    wow…. about 10 days ago I was chainsawing… (helped with a float for the 4th of july… I put about 60-70 hours on that chainsaw in 4-5 days) about 50 hours in… I was done for the night anof course like the day before my hands were quite numb… but this time the feeling didn’t come back in my left index finger…. it is still numb from the middle knuckle to the tip on the side by my thumb… it has not improved at all. even seems to be getting weaker. making lunch today I almost dropped the pan of noodles becouse of the weakness and sharp nerve pain shooting up to the tip. oh my gosh… I really hope it gets better.

  172. Thanks for alleviating my worries.
    I’m glad my numb finger tip is from pressure not from the Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the spray paint . I refinished my clawfoot bathtub with Epoxy refinishing SPRAY PAINT – 2 CANS – continuously — about 1.5 hours work time.
    NOW my index finger tip has been numb (right where I pressed the spray paint nozzle) ever since I finished spraying (9 hours now)…
    So nerve damage isn’t always permanent… from my neuroscience studies:
    The tiny nerves in fingertips grow back very slowly (7weeks – 7 years) BUT THEY DO GROW BACK in most causes of minor trauma, just depends on damage severity.

  173. Brandon says:

    Yep this just happened to me too. It’s been 2 weeks now and my finger is still numb. I hope it gets better, but after reading this I guess it’s not going too. Good luck everyone.

  174. Christina says:

    Just checking in. I am still can shy! I just wanted to check in with everyone in our CO’SPS support group here!

  175. Robert Owen says:

    I camo’d my fishing boat a week ago. I am so happy to find that I am not alone. I am having to type and mouse with my ” I love you finger.” I am 53. I had expierienced this for very short time frames in the past. Now it is terrible. The worst portion for me beiing on the inside edge. I have been taking aspirin and banana’s and water. I am a mechanic by trade. This sucks. Anyone have a real cure?

  176. My story:
    Far from first-time spray-paint user.
    Past-experience: sore (index) finger from fighting clogged nozzle, lasted VERY briefly.
    Today in 106-degree temperature, used a total of <2 cans.
    7 hours later: persisting, totally asleep NUMBNESS in middle finger on right hand, that's never even used in pressing nozzle! It feels like some1 took a hammer to it and severed all my nerve endings!
    My guess: this newly acquired numbness is due to prolonged spraying. 30~40 minutes in 2 installments, as opposed to the <15 min-jobs I used to tackle.

  177. Pat says:

    I used 1 and a half cans of Rustoleum metal colored paint yesterday on the roof for an hour and now the tip of my index finger is numb. Hopefully this will go away after 3 months! Until then, I’m typing extra slow….

  178. Ben says:

    I just used two spray cans today. New I can’t feel the tip of my finger anymore. 😦
    I’ll provide updates as time goes by. Hopefully the feeling will come back ASAP – I’m a graphic designer and need the feeling in my fingertip.

  179. Ally says:

    how are you? I see you posted this a couple years ago..i recently had the samw thing happen to me yesterday. I was spray painting with low quality spray paint on furniture and my middle finger tip is numb. I also feel out of wack today. Fatigued and not myself. Did this happen to you as well? Im really scared.

    • Lee says:

      If you inhaled the active components in the spray it may have had an effect on you. Inhalation of aerosol sprays can cause nausea, dizzyness, fatigue , fainting, blurry vision, respiratory problems and skin irritation. So, make sure you are in a well ventilated area (High ceilings and open windows, exhaust fans or outside!), wear a spray mask and some gloves. And of course, as I have now learned since reading this blog, buy yourself a spray-handle to reduce the likelihood of nerve compression in your fingers! Taking breaks during your painting sessions is probably a good idea, too.

  180. Brian says:

    I was doing several hours of tile cutting where I used my right hand to apply a lot of pressure to the edge of the tile (to hold it in place etc.), and I now have the same numbness. It is gone on all fingers except the pointer finger, and seems to be slowly getting better. So it’s not just spray-painting that can do this damage. I’ve cut tile before, and never had this happen to me.

    • Brian says:

      Just a follow-up to my note. It’s been almost two months, and the numbness gradually went away. I’d say the most rapid progress was in the last 3 weeks. So, if it doesn’t go away after 4 weeks, don’t worry too much!

  181. Jerry says:

    My numbness is in all five fingers on right hand resulting from brush painting T1-11 siding grooves on new garage.There has been a slight improvement – less numbness, but still annoying.

  182. Harry says:

    Quite relieved to find this blog. The tip of my index finger has been numb for 3 days now. I became numb after playing bass round a friends for about 2 hours. I was frightened that I had done some serious damage to my finger, and how that would somehow effect my playing in the long run. At least I know there I know there is some hope

  183. Richard says:

    The same thing happened to me yesterday. so I was really surprised to see this on here about spray cans. I went through 5 cans of spray paint. does this mean I have some type of disorder or sometime or normal. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  184. Rich says:

    Wow…glad I found this site. I sprayed 6 cans today and my right indes finger is numb. At first I thought it was from working outside in the cold weather. But after I got home and it still felt numb and tingly, I decided to google it. Much to my suprise, google finished the search which instantly made me feel a little better. Man, hope it gets better before golf season. If not at least I can blame my bad rounds on the numbness. What a strange injury we all share…lol.

  185. Hannah says:

    Heh.. I love how many comments there are on this! I too have a numb fingertip! It’s been about 2 weeks. I was cutting out a stencil with my shitty-blunt scalpel and I guess it was the prolonged pushing. Weeeiiiirrdd!

    • Jessica says:

      The same thing happene to me! I was cutting out paint sample chips for a project with my crappy scissors, and I just thought my finger may have been asleep. My finger has also been numb for 2 weeks. At first it was just numb, but now it is actually getting more aggravaiting! Wish my feeling would come back. Good luck!

  186. pmincey says:

    After three cans of Rustoleum Rust Restorer and four of their Professional Spray (especially hard to press), my pinky finger has had it! I switched from index to middle finger, to thumb and because I am somewhat ambidextrous (for larger motor skills: eating, kicking a ball…)–to the other hand. I couldn’t work as long with my left hand, not because of coordination but because I don’t have the same strength in that hand–that tells you how hard it is pushing the trigger…my left hand pinky was only slightly affected; the right one feels like I have “Dead Man’s hand”–anyone else do that as a kid?–when touched externally. However, internally as I move it, I seem to have an awareness of where it is in space, and I have control of it. I just don’t like the tingling and numbness that come with any external pressure. Hope it subsides, but it has been 3 days already.

  187. SinfulONE ChiCity says:

    WOW!! I read this blog a few days ago when I too became a victim and decided to see if the internet had anything on a numb finger tip because of spray paint. Than, today, I decided to “Google” WHY this happens.One of the first results posted a link which brought me back here. I hadn’t read the comments the first time I read this blog… GREAT but unfortunate to know that I’m not the only one. At least now we all know to wear gloves next time!! And yet Im still to find out WHY this occurs. Although my theory is probably because of the prolonged pressing on the cap combined with the chemicals and air pressure “freeze” that comes out of the can were the main culprits. Of course thats only in theory. It could be because I was using a particular color (white). *shrugs shoulders*

    Thanks to the blogger for posting this along wiith the updates… much appreciated! Not to mention, apparently, this wasn’t a known condition before Aug. 2007. o__O

    And to my fellow men and women who have found their way here because you too thought you were losing your mind…remember… stand tall, you are NOT the only one suffering from this annoyance! We are ALL in this TOGETHER!! *finger tip salute*

  188. V says:

    Wow I was having this issue but on my trigger finger when I shoot an actual gun – as a police oficer I have to qualify four times a year and the last two my fingertip went numb on the trigger. The last time I could NOT make it work and had to stop shooting a minute to get it to pull the trigger – this is the only site that even came close to addressing this!!!

  189. Lee says:

    I spent several hours today spray-painting sets for an upcoming production only to discover that, like many before me, the tip of my right index finger had gone numb. It’s been an odd sensation all day and sometimes it feels as though the area of effect fluctuates. I have never had this happen before in spite of numerous usage of spray cans in the past. Slightly disconcerting if it doesn’t go away as I’m also a guitarist and the ‘tingling’ feeling turns to discomfort once I apply pressure.
    It truly is amazing to see that it is such a common problem with spray cans and odd that it hasn’t prompted warnings on cans or a re-designed nozzle. . .
    I hit my finger with a hammer once and I had a similar sensation in my finger for a couple of months after which it went away. Fingers crossed (if you can feel them…) that the same happens for this!

  190. Lisa says:

    I did a few hours of leaf blowing in the spring and today, about two months later, the left tip of my index finger is still partially numb. It has gotten better since that day when the entire finger tip became numb, but I still hold out hope that it will recover fully… You never think about how much you use a dominant hand index finger tip until you ‘loose’ it. I never thought about a spray can injury, but that makes a lot of sense too. I’ll definitely be careful with vibrating garden powertools as well as spray cans in the future.

  191. Jeanne says:

    Well, so glad to have found this blog. I am not crazy after all. I spray-painted the lawn furniture using a full 6 cans of Rustoleum last weekend. I am sure you’ll die if you’re surprised, but I still can’t feel a thing in my index fingertip. It’s driving me nuts! Like others, I find myself holding it out of the way while I do normal activities, which is in turn making the rest of the finger ache from being held at odd angles. Gerf…2-3 more months of this? I will be putting the lawn furniture back in storage before I’ll have the sensation back to normal! Definitely not going to be doing that painting all in one day next time around.

  192. Jeff Ferris says:

    Whoa…Thanks for all of these posts. For work, I used 8 cans of spry paint over bout 4 1/2 hours. No feeling at ll in my index finger. Very annoying, can’t type with it, text, etc. Hopefully it is not permanent. . .Seems like 3 months is the norm. Guess I just haft deal with it. . .But, it really sucks!

  193. Sharon says:

    Thanks for all of the postings! So glad to find out I’m not crazy, relieved to know that eventually my symptoms will go away (although it likely will take longer than I thought). Will not waste a trip to the doctor, guess there is not much to do except wait. Agree with most that there should be some kind of notice on the cans to mention prolonged use could cause problems – not necessary to sue, but come on – I’ve seen so many ridiculous warnings that a truly valid one would be appreciated.

  194. Nice to know there are others out there! I was using a spray can of Round-Up. When I finished about 30 minutes later the tip of my index finger was numb. It has been that way for several days. I guess we will see how it goes,but it looks like I may have to get used to it. There are worse things in life. Good luck to all of you with fingertipitis

  195. Michael Yates says:

    I can’t believe that with this many people complaining of this condition that there isn’t a warning or redesign of the spray tip. I just filed a BBB Claim to get the ball rolling on this. I can’t stand this feeling. It’d be different if it was just dead numb and not pins and needles.

  196. Norma jean says:

    WOW! Nerve damage huh.. I did some woodburning on my son’s lock box for Boy Scout Camp and the putting pressure on the burner and the heat of it is what I guessed. Then the next day I painted and SPRAY PAINTED with the same finger but it hurt like a weird way!! I just keep rubbing it to assure there is good circulation going through it, just in case. Good Luck everyone!

  197. Marilyn K says:

    Latest casualty here, about 2 cans of Rustoleum on lawn furniture, wore gloves. Thought it would spring back to normal by morning but no luck. Thanks for this site and to all for posting and sharing. good to know i’m in good company.

  198. Marilyn K says:

    I wrote a complaint about this to Rustoleum.com, I’ll share if I hear anything back.

  199. Marianne Fiddymont says:

    Did the same as all of you – spray painted with a couple of cans and now have a numb tip of finger. Started off feeling like a burn and it blistered within a day. (Apart from the chemical/cancer scary thought) I wondered if it was frostbite from the gas in the can?
    Finger is numb, but if I press hard on a surface it hurts – feels more like a burn than anything. Whitish blister with a dark streak down the center after 9 days and hardened skin with no feeling … will watch this site with interest.
    Does wearing gloves prevent this?

  200. Marianne Fiddymont says:

    Hi, hope you don’t mind two posts in a row … just found this interesting article … bottom line = new propellants can cause frostbite.

    Spray-induced frostbite in a child: a new hazard with novel aerosol propellants.
    Lacour M, Le Coultre C.
    Clinique Universitaire de Chirurgie Pédiatrique, Geneva, Switzerland.
    A case of deep frostbite occurred in an 8.5-year-old child. The lesion was due to the improper use of a toilet air freshener and was severe enough to require a skin graft. The propellants contained in the spray were propane and butane. We measured the temperature of this aerosol during spraying (-40 degrees) in comparison with an ethyl chloride spray (-3 degrees) widely used for local skin anesthesia. This difference is mainly due to the much lower evaporation temperature of propane (-42.2 degrees) and butane (-0.6 degrees) compared with ethyl chloride (12.5 degrees). This child aimed the spray directly toward his skin, thus producing a deep frostbite. We wish to draw the attention of clinicians to this potential hazard with new propellants, since they should soon replace chlorohydrofluorocarbons throughout the world for ecologic reasons.

  201. Joni says:

    Same thing happened to me!!! I am SOOO glad this blog is here! It has been going on for a month now!!! I spray painted a boat and still have a numb fingertip

  202. Kristy says:

    I have this same problem except instead if my index finger it is my pinky finger. I spray painted on and off all day and used probably 6 cans of paint. Sometime close to the end I noticed my pinky was numb. I thought it would go away, but a week later it is stnill numb. I was starting to worry about it. Why would it be my pinky?

  203. Michael Yates says:

    I wanted to update; Still numb after a month; BBB reported that Valspar would not answer the complaint and I’ve reported it to consumer safety. We’ll see what happens…

  204. M says:

    Sadly, I too am a victim of the spray paint can. Yesterday I used one can on a cardboard octopus prop, of all things, and immediately after felt that my finger was numb. I was more concerned and started looking online when I woke up this morning and it was still just as numb. Apparently I have a few months of this numbness ahead of me before feeling returns, which is a real bummer since my work involves using my hands. The worst part is, had I known about this problem I would have either A. Used a brush and normal paint or B. Bought the spray handle for the spray paint. I would have happily spent the $2.95… Or even $10.95…even more on the plastic handle if I had known it could have prevented months of nerve damage. Really, the can should have a warning saying you need the plastic handle. Add one more victim to the list.

    • Marilyn K says:

      On July 20 I wrote to Rustoleum and got a robo-email letter back saying they would get back to me. Since then, crickets. i am slowly getting more feeling back. or I’m getting used to it Strike 1 for customer service.

  205. Jon says:

    Same thing happened to me while painting my truck. My fingertip is still numb 2 days later. This is ridiculous! They really should post a warning on these cans.

  206. SinfulONE ChiCity says:

    Ok… so here’s an update on my behalf. I last posted about this on May 17th. It has now been a little over 3 months and my finger tip almost feels back to normal. Although I really think its more that my mind has learned to accept this and my body adapted to it. When I pick up an object I can feel it… especially if it differs in temperatures (like a cold beer for example). But when I apply pressure with my thumb nail I can feel the numbness (pins or needles). Its an odd sensation. Not to mention when I streak my thumb nail across the outer skin the sensation is alot different from the opposite finger when I do it simultaneously. Try it! I think that’s a great way to determine how much feeling has returned.
    To this day the full sensation hasn’t returned. But I haven’t let it get in the way of my day to day. I too use my hands all day at work ( and no… my full time occupation isn’t being a full time master debater). After having this issue this long you really forget about it… and the only time you really feel it is when you think about it.
    So at least have comfort to know that NO… you will not need to go to the department of motor vehicles to update your plates with the little wheel chair on it.
    We will all get through this in one piece… that is unless you’re an adult film actor… in which you’re screwed… cuz you won’t get the “full” effect”!!
    *finger tip salute*

  207. Anita Gross says:

    Me too!…I sprayed for several hours last weekend and it’s gotten better but still a little numb….I never thought this would be possible in such a short amount of time…..I might have used three cans on some patio furniture.

  208. J says:

    Hi, everyone. I also had gotten the dreaded numb finger while doing some pretty intense detailing with puff paint. It was in a squeeze bottle, and I had to control the flow with just my index finger. I was doing that kind of work for several hours.

    My finger started getting numb after a couple of hours in, but I figured it would go away after a few minutes when I stopped working. I was wrong. I was really alarmed when after I woke up the next morning, it was just as numb as it was the previous afternoon.

    I found this thread and read through the comments. I was dreading 3 months of having a numb finger because I am a visual artist.

    My boyfriend told his doctor about what happened. He recommended that I take Polynerv 1000 (Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 in a tablet) once a day for a week, and to do a buddy splint on my index and middle finger (Google how this is done).

    For the first day I took Polynerv (at around 11AM), my finger felt pretty much the same. It started feeling more prickly when I ran a fingernail across it. Before bed, I did the buddy splint.

    The morning after that, however, my finger was about 50% back to normal! I took another Polynerv at 11AM again, and went about my day as usual, but doing my best to cause less stress to my index finger.

    I’m on my third day of taking Polynerv and my finger is about 95% back to its old self!

    I’ll keep letting my index finger rest and taking the vitamins until the week is up. 🙂

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for you guys too!

  209. Denise LeNoir says:

    Jeezzuusss!! I am so glad I found this blog!

    My name is Denise, and I am a victim of COSPCS!

    I used 3 cans of spray paint on a filing cabinet, and when I realized my finger was numb and I needed more paint, I trundled off to the home center and got more paint and one of those doo-hickeys that clamps onto the can and makes it a trigger. I finished the job, which looked like crap to my dismay, and expected my finger to come back to life in due time. I ended up rolling on paint instead to finish my project, which finally looked good! But, after 2 days my finger was still numb.

    I originally considered that I might have frostbite, you know, because aerosol comes out cold. But when I started researching that it didn’t fit the bill. So, good old Google; I put in “index finger went numb after spray painting” and up popped Wikipedia, this blog and a whole bunch of other posts. I have “tagger’s finger”! Praise the lord for Google!

    I’m not happy that it will be awhile before it is healed, but at least I know what it is!

    This needs to be on an episode of CSI; the killer, who spray paints his victims, is given away by a smart CSI who knows about “taggers finger” and tests the killers digit by pressing on something really hot, to which the killer has no response, but should have yanked his hand away! BUSTED!! It’s the needle for the killer, who requests it be inserted into his dead index finger so he doesn’t feel it! Hahahahaha!

    Alas, I have too much time on my hands….

    • Denise LeNoir says:

      You know, I just noticed that the last little bit of numb tingling on the end of my index finger is GONE!! After the initial concern wore off, I guess my brain just put that numb feeling aside for the last 7 months. Periodically I would notice it, but it didn’t really bother me all the time. And I did notice it getting better along the way, I just didn’t notice that it was indeed all the way gone!! Yea for me!

  210. Phoebe says:

    I used just one can on some lawn chairs, and my finger went totally dead. I was expecting it to come back in a few minutes, but it’s been a whole day and no luck. I’m just happy I ran out of spray paint when I did, good thing I only bought one can or this might’ve been a lot worse

  211. Cathy says:

    I went through about a dozen cans of spray paint one day for a project, and 10 months later it really bothers me to use the mouse when I am doing graphics at work. Pins & Needles! Most of the time it is OK, but being on the computer still aggravates it. BUY A SPRAY GUN (but I had never heard of them prior to injuring myself.)

  212. SueK says:

    Okay I am happy to hear I am not alone, going on two weeks with my right hand numb from spray painting. But I think we all damaged our nerves from the toxins in the paint. Does that make more sense to you?

    • Brian says:

      If you see my comment somewhere above, the same thing happened to me when I was repeatedly using one finger to hold tiles in place while I cut them, so I think it’s the repeated, intense pressure at one spot for long periods of time. I was not using any paint. So I’m pretty sure this is a physical phenomenon, not a toxic phenomenon.

  213. trina says:

    I haven’t been operating a spray paint tin, although I do have a mousse spray bottle that I use every 3 days or so, but only for less than a minute. I noticed that the right side of my index finger has that numb feeling (sort of like your face feels after the dentist); it’s been about a month now. I can still use it fine, it’s just a weird feeling, and slightly worrisome. Years ago 3 toes went numb after skiing, and didn’t come back for several years; I guess I got used to it, or they ‘came back’ gradually—one day I just realized they were no longer numb. I suppose that’s what the finger will do; no known cause; I might try that Polynerv 1000 that someone mentioned. Or more potassium…

  214. Cathy O'Sullivan says:

    It has been almost a year and my finger is still numb and it gets irritated with used. I rest it as much as possible, but it’s the finger I use for my computer mouse.

  215. Sneaky says:

    Was there ever a class action suit done? I am a magician and a fingerpicking guitar player and my finger is now completely numb and where it is not there is pain. It looks like a big white blister with no feeling. When I first did it it was hard as a rock and very cold. I sprayed less than a can on a stool. This is nuts. I am going to call an attourney friend of mine. I will let you know what he says.

  216. Bethany says:

    Yesterday I had to spray something for art. I didn’t even use a full can! One was empty, but I kept trying to get some out of it, so that may be it. I am sooooo glad I’m not alone! But angry! All because of an art project, I have to have a numb finger for months or more? That’s ridiculous! It doesn’t really bother, just feels weird. Poor finger. 😦 I didn’t even know this could happen! I hope it returns to normal soon!!!!!!!!! 😦

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  218. The Swapper says:

    I simply couldn’t depart your web site prior to suggesting that I really loved the usual info a person provide for your guests? Is going to be back regularly to check out new posts

    • Jason says:

      Great blog, i just read almost every post and am relieved it will go away. Last summer i used at least 8 cans of plastidip spray paint and had no problem. A few days ago I used about 4 cans of rustoleum and have a numb index finger on the tip near the side. There is still no warning but I noticed the plasti dip has a wide broad spray tip that is easy to press while the rustoleum has a narrow tip that requires more force. Why do they not all have this wide tip? Maybe it is patented? As I kid I spray painted everything in site and I never had this problem. I know they all had this small tip.

      • Jason says:

        Great blog, i just read almost every post and am relieved it will go away. Last summer i used at least 8 cans of plastidip spray paint and had no problem. A few days ago I used about 4 cans of rustoleum and have a numb index finger on the tip near the side. There is still no warning but I noticed the plasti dip has a wide broad spray tip that is easy to press while the rustoleum has a narrow tip that requires more force. Why do they not all have this wide tip? Maybe it is patented? As I kid I spray
        painted everything in site and I never had this problem. I know they all had this small tip.

  219. anon says:

    Seriously!?!?! This scares me. I JUST went through about 9 cans of spray paint. Thinking this would easily go away… then I read these comments.. I’m totally screwed. Haha

  220. Toni says:

    Thanks so much for posting about this! My husband and I just used a ton of Rustoleum brand spray paint on a dining table, and my index finger is still numb on the tip, a week later. His is fine now, however. It looks like I’ll have months of recovery ahead of me. Good to know!

  221. andy says:

    There is a God!! some answers…hoorah… I’ve damaged the nerve ending in my index finger too after dispensing a full can of wasp killer at a nest above my bedroom window. Completely oblivious to the fact that the little blighter’s could have turned on me, I didn’t let go of that nozzle until the can was empty. Wasp’s still there and a sore finger for months no doubt. :-(((

  222. Colin says:

    I thought i was crazy! it has been three days since i painted and finger is still numb

  223. Marian says:

    So glad to read that I’m not alone with my finger numbness and that there is hope in it getting better. It’s only been a little over a week for me so guess I have a few months to wait for possible recovery. I sprayed 3 cans of Rustoleum and have just been shocked that this happened. I wore gloves so I’m guessing it must have been either the pressure on a nerve or the cold. Good luck to all and thanks for your posts.

  224. Obie says:

    Holy Smokes! There are a Hellava lot of comments. I googled numbness in my thumb. Not as fun as some of these reasons. I was holding an apple peeler/corer down with my thumb for over 2 hours. That weird sensation, tingling, can’t hold on to things. Today I ran my finger over it and found a nerve. Must have been pushing on that for so long it is messed up. Hoping it comes back. Only day 4, but no change. Crazy!

  225. Amy says:

    I am so glad I saw this! 9/19/13 I used a couple of cans of spray paint to paint the rock at my twins school for their 12 th birthday. I noticed pretty quickly I was having pain in my right index finger but figured it would stop after I painfully completed the project. My finger is still numb and feels like it is asleep. It is extremely annoying! I hope it goes away soon!!

  226. Minamimal says:

    I was practicing autorotations in a helicopter for about 90 minutes. It must have been my death-grip on the cyclic control that caused the tip of my middle finger to go numb (from the joint to the very tip). Within a few hours the numbness became more localized to about the size of my fingernail but hasn’t changed since. Feels very weird! I know peripheral nerves take a long time to heal/regenerate so I suppose I’m in for a long wait if I recover at all. I couldn’t have imagined how common this was until I read this.Thank you for this post and thanks to all the commenters on here! Apologies to the author if this comment is just another reminder of your numbness 😦

  227. Monstar says:

    I wasn’t using spray paint but was using a drill instead. Was helping my husband with putting rollers on tracks for about 10 hotel rooms. This consisted of about 100 drills to keep the rollers on the rods but after about 10 drills I noticed the tips of my wedding finger was tingly and numb as though it was sitting on ice. I thought it would go away by the end of the 8 hour day but it is now day three and its been quite annoying. It feel like it is dead/asleep like pins and needles. I have been quite clumpsy without it… I plan on visiting a dr over the next day or so. Not nice.

  228. Jessy says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one, but sad to know it may take 3 months to regain feeling, if any 😦 I used one can of Krylon, spray paint. The weirdest part, it doesn’t matter if you wear gloves or not, somehow the chemicals in addition with pressure, still causes your index finger to go numb 😦 today is day 1 only, still have months of prickly numbness and shooting pain to deal with!! Thanks krylon, but at least I have a shiny sculpture…. Lol

  229. Great post! Been reading a lot of tips for painting some of my furniture. Thanks for the info!

  230. SuperChaos2585 says:

    Haha, it happened to me tonight. It’s not in the worst spot on my index finger, but certainly noticeable. Four cans, painting chairs for my Grandmother.

    I’m only 19, I’m too young for this! Hahaha! Well wishes to everybody, hope you all get better!

  231. I spray painted some wrought iron garden fence a week ago and still have a numb finger. It’s only the very tip of my index finger, though. If I press a button (like a reset button on a hair dryer) it feels like electricity buzzing on the tip b/c of the numbness. It freaked me out and I thought I was being shocked a couple of times. I guess I’ll post back with my heal time if it happens. Hopefully it will! >.<

  232. randy says:

    My spray can said it has a “comfortable tip for continues spray over a long time” I went through 6 cans and not only is my finger numb sometimes it does this little spasm thing and it really hurts. Has anyone contacted any of the spray can companies about this? Although the warning label says may cause nervous system damage right next to breathing and eye damage(typical). There should be a clause specifically for finger nerve damage especially on a can that claims to be for extended spray times. I am not wanting a lawsuit I want there to be a mandatory finger warning label is this doable? suggestions? this blog should have died a long time ago this is clearly a problem.

  233. Toni says:

    I agree that there should be a label warning. On Tuesday, I spray painted a perimeter on the lawn to indicate excavation (site work) for a future shed and driveway. I used 2 1/2 cans. Five days later, my right index finger is still very numb! I realized Tuesday evening that I had experienced nerve damage but was hopeful that the numbness and tingling would have eased by now. Even though I already knew that it can take the body a long time to heal, reading the previous posts indicating to expect around a 3 month or so recovery time has been very helpful. Typing feels really weird, but I must go on to say…..”Thanks for the information!”

  234. Dave Brogan says:

    Wow, the same thing happened to me. I spray painted for about an hour and thought it was odd that my finger was numb afterwards. I was even more surprised that it was numb the next day. Now, 4 days later and the sensation hasn’t subsided. It’s numb, and if I put pressure on it, it feels like pins and needles. I will say this – it’s not from toxins in the paint, as others have suggested. I wore latex gloves the entire time and was never directly exposed to the paint. I think the constant pressure damaged my nerves in my fingertip. This is so odd!

  235. Piet says:

    SAME AS EVERYONE ABOVE___ 2 cans of primer___ Will update in 3 months. Time to warn everyone on facebook.

  236. Jennifer says:

    3 weeks now and still no feeling. Driving me crazy, hoping it goes away soon. 7 cans of paint and all the crazy feelings as everyone else.

  237. Heather says:

    I came across your story after consecutively using 6 cans of spray paint to update patio furniture yesterday. The numbness in my pointer finger is still here. Your blog was last updated in ’09. Has complete feeliny evwr returned to your finger?

    • Brian says:

      My feeling started returning significantly after about 4 weeks, and was pretty much 100% after 8 weeks. That was several years ago now, and my finger is just fine. So yes, complete recovery is possible, but it takes time.

  238. Nick says:

    I work on busses and had to press very hard on some rubber trim while hitting it with a hammer to get it into the track. I did this for about 8 hours straight on a few pieces. It’s been about a week and the side of my finger that I was using to press on it is completely numb, the entire side of my index finger. It probably won’t go away but I don’t mind because when I have to do that all day again, it doesn’t hurt anymore. May have killed the nerves in it but I don’t care.

  239. Tim Clary says:

    Same thing with me, Patio Furniture, just within the last two weeks. Still numb, not too bad and not a huge problem. I went through 3 – 5 cans before I realized it was the spray can causing the pain and I knew about the spray attachment, so bought it so I would not have any more damage finishing the job. It seems to me that the manufacturers would recommend at POS that the purchase of these attachments to spray can are highly recommended. Where’s OSHA when you need them? Or at least Home Depot, Lowes, etc would make a killing selling this add on by warning users that it’s a potential injury without the use of them.

  240. kathy says:

    Lost feeling after spray paint bar stools (2 cans worth). How frustrating. Went back to the store and picked up the trigger topper thingy. Project is finished but the feeling is gone in the finger tip. grrrrr…. What if I was a blind person who reads braille? I guess if I was blind I wouldn’t be spray painting, right… duh.

  241. annmarie says:

    Thanks Brian for giving us all hope. It has been 2 weeks, numbness in fingers, hand and up my arm. I will sit back and wait. Will cross my fingers and hope for the best (it will have to be my left hand as the right one is dead).

  242. SW says:

    Going through similar experience when I pressed down on a headphone button (the type where the tip protrudes to differentiate between hi and lo) for extended time because the volume kept going down. The tip of my thumb got numb afterwards for over three weeks and it felt as though I lost some tissue in the location. This really made me panic thinking the damage might not be reversible, but now the feeling is coming back slowly. Thanks to this post, it really convinced me that nerve damage takes time to repair.

  243. NV says:

    I used 2 cans trying to take the “easy” way out of adding some color to my bathroom… My finger has been numb for 2 days now. I thought I was going crazy. This is an awful feeling, but your blog is super helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  244. I’m happy to find this blog and realize I’m not nuts! It’s been about 3 weeks for me after 2 cans of spray paint. Seriously thought I was crazy. Who would have thought!?? Thanks for sharing!!

  245. longcan says:

    Got numbness on my index finger tip after I sprayed 2 cans of matte finish. It has been 2 days and no sign of improvement. I decided to dip my index finger in warm water for a few minutes and then used my other hand to apply pressure around the affected finger tip. I messaged it for about 5 minutes and the sensation slowly came back. Not entirely but better than nothing…

  246. marina says:

    Thank you for the post. It’s been 3 months and tip of the finger is still numb 😦 how can a maker get away with this? !?!

  247. Tee says:

    I spent the greater part of yesterday cutting multiple letters from a giant 3X4 stencil–and now the tip of my right thumb is numb. When I poke/press it, I can tell it’s being touched but it feels as if there is something…I don’t know. ‘In there’, so to speak.

    I am greatly distressed. I both build furniture and craft, so it’s devastating to think it may be permanent. Reminds me of just how fragile the human body is…

  248. pakleader says:

    I’m experiencing the same thing and it has been about 3 weeks now. I really hope the feeling comes back. It’s so annoying.

  249. JenniferK says:

    Just thought I’d add myself to this ever-growing list! Used an automatic sander for a while on an old wooden rocking chair… noticed it hurt my hands to use but just powered through it. Immediately afterwards, I used 2 whole cans of spray paint on the chair. My right fingertip was numb and covered in paint, and I was surprised when I woke up the next day… and the next… with it still numb/tingly. Seems like I don’t have it as bad as many of the posters here, but I’m terribly scared of aggravating it in the future with craft projects! Never had an issue like this before. Bought the can gun the next day while picking up some more paint. I’ll finish the chair with the sprayer gun and my left hand, but I’m never touching that sander again. Had plans to sand and repaint TONS of furniture pieces! Glad I didn’t buy all the paint in advance, because it looks like I’ve given up on that! Nerve damage sucks! I’ll try to remember to update if it ever improves.

    • JenniferK says:

      Remembered to update! It’s been almost 2 months and my fingertip is definitely almost totally better. There may be a teeny tiny point near the upper right corner of my finger nail that still feels a little weird/numb but I really don’t notice this anymore. Everything stayed totally numb and tingly for a very long time before getting any better. It is/was a lot more noticeable in warm weather than cold (cold weather tends to make all my fingertips just a little bit insensitive, so everything feels the same). I’ve done more spray painting and crafts very recently and have not had any issues. It does get better, people! Just let it rest! I’ve been taking B-100 supplements every day since incurring the damage , based on something posted further up in this comment chain. I think it probably helped.

  250. Sara says:

    Ha! Here I am thinking I’m crazy but yes, definitely did this to my finger yesterday…. makes it hard to type! lol will update if it gets any better. Given the main post, I’m worried it might not every be the same again :-/

  251. David says:

    Count me in the class action lawsuit. I painted my iron railings with about 12 cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint–both the traditional nozzle and the larger “ergonomic” nozzle. I’m typing this comment and swiping the screen with my middle finger because the tip of my index finger is dead.

  252. lisa guerra says:

    This just happened to me yesterday and it’s still numb! It’s so annoying. There should be warning labels.

  253. Laura says:

    Thank you for this blog. I had no idea this could happen until 3 days ago and 1.5 cans of paint. At least I know I’m not alone or crazy.

  254. K says:

    I believe this numbness is caused by frostbite. I don’t think pressure alone can cause the numb for such a long period of time. I’ve done many kinds works causing pressure on fingertips but never have this kind of feel on fingertips.
    I used only a spray can yesterday and this weird numb feeling made me search about this symptom. Apparently, temperature of the propellant right out of spray nozzle can be as low as 5 degree Fahrenheit although exact number can be varying by type of spray can. What’s even worse is that the propellant will keep the contact’s temperature low very efficiently because it refreshes itself very fast as long as you press the nozzle. Which is totally different kind of contact that you would experience at cold winter outside on the same low temperature where the cold air that contacts on your skin does not refresh that fast.
    Not only that, one more factor I’m suspecting is the fact that your finger pressing down on the button of the spray can prevent the blood flow on the exact fingertip where the freezing propellant going to contact. This will accelerate frostbite since the blood is the only source that maintains the body temperature. I guess most people here used spray can that doesn’t have ergonomic button which can be usually seen on insect killer spray.

    In my opinion, those simple button on spray can should be banned from market. How many people always wear globes when using all those kinds of sprays? If you use spray can that has simple button on it with bare hands, I think the chances that you’re going to get this nasty frostbite numbness are very high.

    I wish there was a law that force the manufacturers to put the buttons that prevent the propellant to contact fingertip. I mean, the “Wear globes when use” warning isn’t enough!

  255. Rachel says:

    Is it still numb?!? This happened to me today!!!

  256. Mike G says:

    Hello fellow sufferers. This happened to me on 11/5/16 and the tip of my finger has been numb ever since. I was spraying painting some furniture for roughly two hours, holding the can down for long periods of time. How can there not be a warning for this!? I absolutley pinched a nerve. I tried advil, epsom salt multivitamins, etc but the only thing that will heal this is time. It has been very difficult to deal with as I use my pointer finger at work all day. Typing and using a mouse as been challenging. I have had to teach myself to type differently. This blog has given me hope. I’m happy to report that some of the feeling has come back, however my finger is still very numb. Due to the subtle improvement, I’m hopeful all of the feeling will come back. From what I’ve read once I get past the two month mark I should really see improvement. This has sucked! I will provide an update in a few weeks

    • Mike G says:

      Update: It’s been slightly over two months now and I’m happy to report that I’d say about 75% of the feeling has come back. The finger still feels weird in some spots and is definitely not back to normal, however has much improved. I still try to avoid using it when typing. I have accepted the fact that it will take long time for it to fully heal, but I am relieved it has come back this much so far. Will provide a final update when I’m 100% There is hope!

  257. Sarah Lewis says:

    I hope it’s gotten better for you! I was searching for numb fingers online and was glad to stumble upon this. I was using my mini hot glue gun this weekend A LOT to make snowflakes and a bunch of other things. The whole tip of my finger is tingly and numb. I didn’t realize it could be so permanent. O.O

  258. lipase2 says:

    god damn. got me as well. holding a lighter on too long

  259. CRYSTAL COLEMAN says:

    I was also spray painting for about an hour going through 4 cans, where I held down the sprayer has been numb for about a month and a half

  260. Rachel fogarty says:

    I found your article by searching for a reason my index finger has the same condition.
    It’s been a month for me. I was using an airbrush gun for about four hours.
    It’s so weird and annoying!

  261. crystal says:

    Hi, I too have this going on. It’s been a month since I spray painted 4 stools. My index finger is still numb! What is the deal on a class action suit? I think that may be appropriate.

  262. Mike says:

    So, I have this damn affliction too! Except not via a spray can. I used a metal shaft crafting xacto knife to cut a precise straight line along about 10 feet or so of thick corrugated craftboard to make a picture frame to take photos with at an event… Pretty cool project really but the issue was I was being so exacting.. (haha pun there…) that I was using my middle finger to apply pressure to the knife for over 20 minutes. Now 1.5 weeks later, my finger still has no feeling in the tip. It feels like its getting slightly warmer though, like the nerve is trying to heal up but I am so sad that this is probably going to be with me for months to come and then still never heal. Maybe I can’t get in on any class action lawsuit… Just wish that our bodies were better at firing off warning shots. I would prefer to have been given a jolt of immense pain by my brain to say ”stopit you asshole, you’re hurting yourself!” …maybe I can sue my brain? haha. this sucks.

  263. Marvin Velasquez says:

    I had the same problem after spraying 6 cans on my furniture, it is day 2 and my finger tip is completely numb, so is part of my arm, those things should have a warning message, this really affects your life.

  264. Susan says:

    Good grief! The same thing just happened to me. I spray painted outdoor furniture with 3 cans of paint. I just came in the house and tried to turn off my i-phone. The index finger I used is numb and I actually had no control of it for about a half hour(wouldn’t do what my brain was telling it to do). Right now it is working but still numb… What a scary experience. I am glad I happened upon this blog.

  265. Kevin Wang says:

    I have the same exact problem, 5 cans of spray paint, my finger is numb, it’s been over a month, slightly better, but still has the numb spot.

  266. Rhii says:

    so how bout this i have the same problem but one exception Ive never used a spray can in my life, in my left index finger i do use it a lot to do things with. i do use spray bottles everyday with my hair products but there very light and not as hard to pressure down with a long amount of time as spay cans. but how i got the numbness. I was locking my car door and they are stick looking locks in the top of the door you have to push down and ive always used my index finger to lock it but this one time i do it then all of sudden this pain shot right through me from the tip of my finger to my elbow. now a weekish later its still numb.

  267. Marc says:

    Hello, my name is Marc and my index finger is numb. It’s been close to a month now, and I’m sorta glad that I’m not alone. I’ve used spray paint for Gods-knows how long, and never had this happen. To those talking about suing, get real. If we labelled every potential problem for every product, where would we Stop? Would most of you even read every Label! I guarantee most wouldn’t. Oh well… it might be a good idea to try and figure out exactly why this happens, and why only at certain times. I haven’t read through the entire forum, has anyone done any research into this?

    • Mike says:

      Good news. I numbed my middle finger back in april of 2017. its august of 2017 and i have complete restoration of feeling in that finger tip. I was constantly touching it and poking it and forcing blood flow into that finger but over the course of 3-4 months I began to really feel progress. Now it being august, its 100% better.

  268. Liz says:

    So glad I found this post, and the comments section. When the numbness didn’t go away within 24 hours of spraying, I assumed it was permanent nerve damage. I was panicking because I’m a professional musician. I googled this topic between teaching guitar lessons, it was embarrassing to not have control over my own finger when trying to teach my student. Thankfully it’s my right hand, the fingerpicking/strumming hand, not the one I need to play notes on the strings. But I thought this might be permanent, and I would have to give up my whole career over an hour of spray painting. I’m extremely relieved to hear that for most people, feeling returns in the affected finger after a matter of months.
    Does anyone know of PT type stretches or massages or pressure points that might speed up the healing? I’ve been massaging the fingertip, the way you would if your have fell asleep, just as a force of habit I guess. But I’m not sure that it’s helping at all, and if it’s actually doing more damage I would want to know!

  269. Michael Morales says:

    The same thing happened to me today. I was painting a desk I built and I lost my trigger attachment (the one where you hold the spray can like a gun” I found it by the time I got through the first bottle but it was too late and I already had a numb finger. The worst part is that the attachment was cheaply made and the trigger shape made me end up with a numb index finger AND middle finger. It’s only day one though, so I only have a general idea of how long it’ll last based on the other stories I’m seeing here.

  270. Marcel says:

    Wow. Me too. Its been over a month now and not fully recovered. Class action anyone?

  271. Marc says:

    About 6 months later and I have most of my feeling back.

  272. Andrea says:

    Did the feeling ever completely return?

    I have a numb index finger 4 days after spray painting. I’m an artist and a writer and I’m terrified that the feeling might not return?

    Did doctors have anything helpful to say?

  273. Natalia says:

    Oh come on… Several months?… For updating my garden furniture?… well, mother^&%& !!!
    At first I thought the paint caused some chemical burn without visible signs, was studying it with magnifying glass to see the damage..
    It’s November 7th and it’s day 1 for me..(yes, I am such a panicker, I went googling it after it didn’t go away in an hour, and found this blog).. Such an annoying petty damage that is so easily preventable..
    Will keep the community posted on my healing progress.. (using trackpad really stinks now)

  274. Maria says:

    This nerve compression injury happened to me about 2 weeks ago while spray painting a radiator for about 15-20 minutes and the numbness and pain are still there, with difficulty feeling. Has anyone on this post had complete loss of feeling? The original blogger I think did at 14 months. I am shocked that there is not a major warning for these products for inexperienced users doing a little DIY project. This is interfering with my work and day to day activities. Did anyone file a law suit? My husband is a lawyer and feel there is a case here.

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