Getting organized

Last night we had the inaugural meeting of the Lipscomb ECPTA at our house.  Well, it wasn’t really a meeting of the Lipscomb ECPTA — that group doesn’t actually exist yet.  It was a meeting of the people who agreed to start a Lipscomb ECPTA once we figure out how to do that.  That’s my job, I have to get in touch with the Texas PTA or the national PTA organization and find out what the procedure is for getting officially chartered.

I had intended for the meeting to be more of a happy hour and less of a meeting, but everybody else was more interested in talking than in drinking.  So now I have a cooler full of beer sitting out in the driveway and several unopened bottles of wine on the kitchen counter.

But as meetings of groups that don’t yet exist go, it was a good meeting.  I’m pretty enthused about the group of people we’ve got and I think there’s a good future ahead in terms of building some community among preschool parents in Junius Heights, Munger Place, and Swiss Avenue, and in terms of getting people who in the past wouldn’t have even considered public school to at least consider it.

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