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That’s a heck of a pothole

In Dallas the worst road hazard we normally have to look for is potholes.  In Iraq the road hazards can be a bit more hazardous.  Warning, sound on the video, slightly NSFW:

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I ran across an interesting post on Jon Udell’s blog about the reinvention of air travel.  It’s about DayJet, a startup airline that is trying to use traffic analysis similar to that used on computer networks to route ‘packets’ of … Continue reading

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I approve

I approve of this video: Something different- Wonderwall.

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Crazy lawsuit guy

Jonathan Lee Riches is my new hero.  He has spent the year filing all sorts of increasingly bizarre lawsuits against various people, movies, planets, baseball bats, bridges, and several against Michael Vick.  And the best part?  He’s from my hometown, … Continue reading

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Yo Gabba Gabba is the greatest show EVAH!!!!

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