Crazy lawsuit guy

Jonathan Lee Riches is my new hero.  He has spent the year filing all sorts of increasingly bizarre lawsuits against various people, movies, planets, baseball bats, bridges, and several against Michael Vick.  And the best part?  He’s from my hometown, West Chester, PA.  My new hometown hero, bigger than Matt Schaub or Bam Margera or Greg R. Perry.

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One Response to Crazy lawsuit guy

  1. I’m just a dude with a blog, who also used to do kooky things with you in high school. Did you just included me because I’m so much bigger than you? Did you think I’d come beat you up if you left me off your list? Surely you meant Rodd Perry, the syndicated cartoonist and former band mate.

    Let’s see it Jonathan, Matt or Bam writes back.

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