CRHP be over

So last night we had the Night of Discipleship for the new Team 1 at St John Nepomucene in Ennis. They’re a good group of guys and they’re fired up, so I think they’re going to be successful at getting things started down there. We (the road team) had a ‘last supper’ at the local Mexican restaurant afterward before we returned to Dallas.

It was the first time I’d been there (to this restaurant). A lot of the guys, especially the Latino guys, were talking about how great this dish called a ‘super molcajete’ was and how everybody had to get it. So we got six orders of it between about 14 of us. I can’t say that I was all that impressed. Everybody else seemed to really like it, but it just wasn’t my style — too many vegetables. It was a big molcajete filled with lava-hot beef, chicken, shrimp, cactus, bell peppers, onions, and cheese. Apparently you stir it up and then spoon it out onto a tortilla and eat it. I think I’ll stick with something more meat-related next time.

And now CRHP is over, or at least the ‘meetings every week’ phase is. After a year of almost continual meetings it will be weird to stay home on Sunday nights. Although in a way I have just moved my meetings from Sunday night to Sunday morning, and the people I meet with have gotten a lot younger. I’m teaching RCIC now on Sunday mornings to 9 kids in 3rd to 6th grades. After some preliminary classes the last couple of weeks, things finally got underway in earnest yesterday. So far so good, they’re all fun kids and are good students. Here at the beginning most of them know bits and pieces so it will be a few weeks before everybody is on the same level I think.

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