Pink balls

My son’s soccer team has adopted the uniform of Club America as their uniform. Before this I was vaguely aware that there was a Mexican soccer team called Club America, but I always got them confused with Cruz Azul. But now that he’s proudly running around in the blue and gold of Las Aguilas, I thought I would adopt America as my new favorite Mexican soccer team (and third favorite overall after Wolves and Celtic).

So as part of my new campaign of adopting Club America, I sat down tonight to watch America against Pachuca. So far Pachuca is winning 1-0 about 62 minutes in. That’s bad enough, but what spurred me to post to the blog was the fact that the ball is pink! That’s right, the ball is a light pink color. You don’t notice it too much on the distant high-level shot that they use most of the time, but when they switch to a close up shot of a player or free kick or something there’s no way to miss it. The ball is pink. What the h311 is up with that??

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One Response to Pink balls

  1. Ottayan says:

    Pink footballs?

    I thought only cricket balls were pink!

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