Undecided about Windows Live Photo Gallery

So I read recently that the Windows Live Photo Gallery application now allows you to upload directly to Flickr. That intrigued me. I have been using Picasa to keep track of my photos on my computer and Flickr to put them on the Intertubes, and the additional rigmarole that I have to go through to upload from Picasa to Flickr has been my biggest gripe with Picasa for a long time.

So I installed Live Photo Gallery and tried it out. The Flickr integration is indeed pretty sweet. But my favorite feature of Picasa is the automatic contrast and color tuning feature and that doesn’t work so great in Live Photo Gallery. It has a similar function, but the color adjustment doesn’t seem right. I’m no pro at this so I don’t know how to describe it, but I know that the auto adjust feature in Picasa produces much better results than the auto adjust feature in Live Photo Gallery. The pictures in LPG come out with a sort of washed-out gray color on the skin tones, at least with white people. So for now at least I think I’ll be sticking with Picasa but that may change.

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