Great business failures of Southeast Texas

For 20 years I have driven down Texas state highway 105 between Cleveland and Moss Hill several times a year.  I always notice a resort of some sort called Cypress Lakes and wonder what the deal is with it.  Having just driven past it 4 times in the last week and noticed that the sign out on 105 was more run down looking than usual I decided to look up a satellite picture to see just what it was.  And I was amazed: Cypress Lakes on Yahoo Maps.  It’s enormous!  And apparently almost completely undeveloped.  The streets are all laid out in the size of a small city but there are almost no houses.  It’s a modern day ghost town in the swamps along the Trinity River in Southeast Texas.  I wonder what it’s history is.  Like I said it has been there for at least 20 years I think.  At least it has a website now: Cypress Lakes Resorts.  I guess it was meant as a development of vacation homes that fell through after the original developer discovered that nobody wants a vacation home in a swamp in the middle of nowhere.

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