Epiphany lesson

I noticed that the book we use for CCD had a special lesson on Epiphany, so I thought if I combined that with a run through the traditional blessing for homes on Epiphany that would take up the hour and the kids would take home the blessing and a piece of chalk and remember the lesson maybe.

There are a zillion various blessings out there — the one we did was to have the leader say “Lord bless this classroom” and then the kids said “and all who dwell therein” and then I read the Epiphany story from the beginning of Matthew 2. Then the kids combined to write “20 + C + M + B + 08” above the door of the classroom. After I had everything written up and prepared I found this other blessing at Vultus Christi: Epiphany Blessing of Chalk and Homes. I like that one better so I think we’ll do that on our own house a little later.

In the meantime, only three kids (of the 9 on the rolls) showed up for CCD today. The whole Epiphany lesson and blessing only took 30 minutes so that left me with 25 minutes to vamp. I added a discussion of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and another discussion of the 12 days of Christmas and that filled up the rest of the time.

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