Landmark Commission

We had our hearing in front of the Landmark Commission yesterday for our proposed addition. This was the third and final step of the approval process for the Junius Heights Historic District (the first two were the Task Force and the Staff Review).

The meeting started a few minutes late, at about 1:10. Since I was there regarding an application they made me sign in as a speaker even though I insisted that I had no intention of speaking. They said that when they went through the applications if an application didn’t have anybody there for it they would bump it to the end of the line so that the people who did show up would be able to finish up as soon as possible.

At any rate that turned out to be a non-issue. Our application was listed at in the ‘Consent Items’ part of the agenda (as opposed to ‘Discussion Items’). I guess the consent items are the non-controversial applications. After moving one application from the consent items section to the discussion items section, the rest of the consent items were approved en masse without any discussion and those of us who were there to represent the applications in the consent items were free to go and our applications were approved.

In the end I spent more time looking for a parking place than I did attending the meeting. It started at 1:10 and I was out of there at 1:12. I would even say that if somebody else had an application and it was in the consent items section of the agenda (which is available a few days before the meeting) they could blow off the meeting. You probably only really need to attend if your application is in the discussion items section. I guess the next step is taking the approved Certificate of Appropriateness (which should show up in the mail in a few days) and getting a building permit.

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