Third Sunday of Lent 2008

So the CCD class did their first confessions today.  I was very proud of them, none of them panicked and although when we were in the classroom they were cutting up a bit once they got to the church they quieted down and got serious and took care of business.

We only had about 30 minutes to do 10 confessions in order to clear out before 11:00 mass, so to speed things up we said the act of contrition as a group just before we went in.   While we were in the church one of the kids called me over and was clearly troubled.  Turned out he or she was really concerned about the fact that they weren’t going to say the act of contrition while they were in the confessional.  I explained that we had already prayed it but he or she just couldn’t figure out how it would ‘count’ if they didn’t say the act of contrition to the priest.  So I told the student that I thought it would be OK with the priest if he/she (the penitent) just went ahead and said it again just to make sure.  We got out just in the nick of time as the church was starting to fill up.

We did all of our preparation for first confessions back in the fall.  All year there has been some confusion about when it was going to be and in the end we sprung it on the by surprise when they got in this morning.  In fact it was sprung on me by surprise too.   First it was going to be in the fall when the regular first confessions are, then it was going to be in Lent around the end of February, then they were having trouble fitting it into the schedule since Lent is so short this year and it was pushed back to April, then today Mrs. X decided it would be today after all.  Just as well since due to yesterday’s calamities (more on that in another post) I did not have a chance to prepare and was going to have to ad lib a lesson. So I was thrown a lifeline and nobody knew that I was unprepared.  Well I suppose they know now since I’ve blabbed about it on the Internet.

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