Democracy in much more action

As my legions of loyal readers probably remember, I attended our precinct caucus four years ago and wound up being selected to be a delegate at the senate district convention (see Democracy in Action). Well caucus time rolled around again last night and it was a lot different this time around.

For starters instead of 8 caucusers there was more like 300. I was one of the last ones to sign in, around 7:30 or so. They had all the Clinton people in one room and the Obama people in another room. P had been there with the kids for about half an hour by that point. The kids were much better behaved than I had expected. There wasn’t much room and there wasn’t much to do but they put up with it pretty well. All we did was sign in with our preferred candidate and then sat there for about another half an hour while they counted votes and figured out how many delegates it converted into.

In the end they decided our precinct was entitled to 21 delegates and 11 went to Clinton and 10 to Obama. That was about the same distribution as the popular vote had come out. Ours was one of the few precincts in Dallas to go for Clinton. I have to hand it to our devoted precinct election organizer Cheri — the caucus went very smoothly with none of the craziness that I read about at other precincts (example)

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