So I am trying to install an open source EDI translator called Bots on my Windows XP box and something keeps going wrong. I have tried it both from the Windows install executable and from the Python egg.

Near the end of the Windows executable installation it opens a command prompt window and some messages fly by and then the window closes before I have a chance to read it. The egg installation gives me the message that “No local packages or download links found for botssel>=1.0.0”. When I try to run the Bots monitor server after doing either install it give me a similar message. I don’t think there’s a real problem, but I think there’s bit of setup that hasn’t been updated or that I’m not doing.

I went to the page for the Bots mailing list but it is in Dutch. It looks like all the traffic on the list is in English, but the homepage is in Dutch. I think I subscribed to the list but I’m not sure. Maybe I deleted the list instead. Hopefully pretty soon I’ll get some sort of welcome message and then I can post this same info to the list.

Update: Turns out that the key to the installation is to not be a nimrod.  I was mindlessly following the instructions in the manual without stopping to use my miniscule brain.  The example in the manual (that I had been following exactly) was for version 1.1 while I was trying to install 1.2.  As soon as I changed the ‘1.1’ in teh command to ‘1.2’ it worked like a champ.

And also the mailing list site is available in English.  I happened to follow a link to the Dutch site, but if you change the ‘.nl’ on the URL to ‘.com’ you get the English version.

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