In order to distract the public with shiny blinky things, the Dallas city council provided an online poll to allow people to vote on which one of 5 names they liked for the soon to be upgraded and prettified Industrial Boulevard.  The problem is that the public picked the wrong name: Cesar Chavez Boulevard.  Now the city council is hemming and hawing about the name because they wanted us to pick Riverfront Boulevard, or at least one of the non-people names.  They know as soon as they announce that the (overwhelming) public choice is blown off in favor of the name they were going to pick all along that there will be a big outcry that the white establishment has it in for the Hispanic community.

I can tell you exactly what happened:  somebody  told the city council they could do this ‘vote’ and they had to come up with some names.  They put in Riverfront Boulevard along with a couple of other generic names like that.  Then they figured they had to throw a couple of bones to the minority communities so they had to come up with a ‘black name’ and a ‘Hispanic name’.  For the black name they added a choice to name the street after Eddie Bernice Johnson, a long-serving local black Congresswoman, but they didn’t know enough about the local Hispanic community to come up with a local Hispanic leader to honor.  Finally they landed on Cesar Chavez who wasn’t local but was at least Hispanic.  That way the minority angles were covered and nobody could say they were left out.

Then the public had to go and screw it up by picking the wrong choice and now the city council is on the hot seat to explain why they are going to go with a different choice.

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