Job cuts at EDS?

Another article about the EDS-HP ‘merger’, which may be official as soon at August 19 (tomorrow).  This article expects some layoffs at EDS.  It sounds like mostly on the administrative side, since the executives are so super valuable to the company and the people who do the work need to be kept around to do the work.

They also expect the EDS name to be retired.  Their two experts seem to agree that the name will be retired at some point but they disagree about when.  One guy says that HP has better name mojo than EDS so he expects that the EDS name will go away pretty soon, but the other guy says that the EDS name has better mojo within the IT services industry so he expects it to stay for at least 3 years.

When they announced the acquisition I expected the EDS name to go away immediately and I was kind of surprised that they were going to keep it.  But the new brand name “EDS – an HP company” has a very interim sound to it so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the EDS name go away pretty soon.

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2 Responses to Job cuts at EDS?

  1. ex-employee says:

    yes, yesterday EDS had another round of layoffs.

  2. maybe soon to be ex employee says:

    I have not heard of any local layoffs in NJ yet, but am suspecting to hear as of Sept 15, when the ceo meets with the financial analysts. Much much scuttlebutt is flying around re: layoffs.

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