Second week of CCD 2008

I know my many fans have been wondering why it has taken so long to get this posted.  The actual answer: I’m lazy and didn’t get around to it until now.  The official answer: I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time.  Plus there was no CCD last week because of the school carnival so we’re just now coming up on week 3.

Week two of CCD went very well.  I got on a roll during the lecture parts, but I wasn’t so great during the quiz/work at your desk parts.  But luckily I had an experienced school teacher/CCD teacher in the room as my assistant and she sort of provided a good example of how to help the kids through that part.  It was weird having somebody as experienced as her as an assistant when I’m so new to all this, but I don’t have a regular assistant assigned yet and her class isn’t due to start until some time in October so she’s helping me out until they can get me a regular assistant.

We covered unit 1 in Christ Our Life with some additional material from the St. Joseph First Communion Catechism.  The topic was creation, what we mean when we say humans are created in God’s image, angels, and the Trinity.  Homework/quiz questions 1-4 are straight out of the Christ Our Life quiz and I added the other two.

This week’s homework:

Question 1: What has God given us as a gift?  A: All of creation, everything.

Question 2: Who does God love?  A: All of us, everyone.

Question 3:  Who did God make us like?  A: Himself

Question 4: How did God make us like Himself?  A: We can think, choose, and love.

Question 5: Who are the three persons of the Holy Trinity?  A: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Question 6: Who did God create to worship Him and help Him watch over us?  A: the angels.

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