All’s quiet

So I’ve given up teh Internet for Lent.  Except I can’t do that because I need email for work and to communicate with the outside world.  So I have given up the WWW for Lent.  Except that I still use that to check the weather forecast and to check a couple of Lent related sites: Vultus Christi and the Lent section of Godzdogz.  And to post to my own blog.

So in the end what I have given up is Facebook, blogs, and Wikipedia.  Which account for about 90% of the time I spend on line.  I’m making up the newly freed time by reading Introduction to the Devout Life, How to Read a Book, Halting State, and Try and Make Me.

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3 Responses to All’s quiet

  1. Greg Perry says:

    Are you allowed to read your own blog? I’m sure I could write a little php routine to dump the contents of my Facebook here.

  2. Greg Perry says:

    Greg is harassing and old friend… from Guam.

  3. Charlotte says:

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