Another CCD post

CCD finally resumed normal operations yesterday after about 5 straight weeks of special topics and/or weeks off due to Lent and Easter.  We’re in the home stretch for First Communion now — this was the next to last lesson.  We’ve got one more lesson next week and then a week of run-throughs at the church so everybody knows where they’re supposed to be and when.

We did our first bit of ‘practice’ communion in class.  Fr. Vic brought some unconsecrated hosts and I started walking the kids through the procedure for receiving communion.  It’s a good thing we did too.  Upon the first taste of the hosts there was a lot of squealing and giggling and complaining about how yucky it was and even several cases of the kids taking it back out of their mouths.  Things were a lot calmer the second time around and after class some of the kids were asking if they could have another one like it was a Dorito or something.

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