End of the group stage

They have wrapped up the group stage of the jersey manufacturer’s world cup. Joma has moved out of a tie for last — otherwise the standings remain the same:

  1. Adidas 50 points
  2. Nike 40
  3. Puma 22
  4. Brooks 6
  5. Umbro 5
  6. Joma 1
  7. Legea 0

Now let’s examine who is getting the best value for their money.  What manufacturer has been able to manage the most points per team they entered in the competition:

  1. Brooks 6 points per team
  2. Umbro 5 points per team
  3. Nike 4.44 points per team
  4. Adidas 4.17 points per team
  5. Puma 3.14 points per team
  6. Joma 1 point per team
  7. Legea 0 points per team

As you can see Brooks and Umbro have been getting the most bang for their buck, and both of their teams are still in the tournament so they have the opportunity to widen their lead.  Puma has been a bit of a disappointment so far but if things go right for them in the knockout stages they may be able to catch up.

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