Updated World Cup standings

After 23 matches Adidas and Nike have pulled away from Puma a bit and Brooks, Umbro, Joma, and Legea are way at the back.  You’d expect that since those companies could only afford one team each.  Nike pulled ahead briefly a couple of days ago, but for the most part Adidas has been a few points ahead of Nike the whole way so far.

Latest standings:

  1. Adidas (20 points)
  2. Nike (17)
  3. Puma (13)
  4. Brooks (3)
  5. Umbro (2)
  6. Joma (0)
  7. Legea (0)
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The return of the Jersey Manufacturers’ World Cup

If it’s June 2010 it must be time for the Jersey Manufacturers’ World Cup.  Every four years the representatives of the major soccer jersey manufacturers get together to decide which manufacturer has spent their advertising money the best.  Each team earns their manufacturer 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.  After a month or so they decide whether Adidas, Nike, or Puma will win.   This time around Adidas is fielding 12 teams, Nike is fielding 9, Puma has entered 7, and Umbro, Brooks, Joma, and Legea have entered one each.

After two days of competition the standings are as follows:

  1. Adidas (6 points)
  2. Nike (4 points)
  3. Puma (1 point)
  4. Umbro (1 point)
  5. Brooks (0)
  6. Joma (0)
  7. Legea (0)
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Trendnet router overheating

If you are having trouble with your TrendNet wireless router, check to see if it’s overheating. I was having trouble with mine dropping connections frequently and having to reboot a lot. I happened to feel it and it was super hot. It has some vent holes on the bottom and it was sitting on top of the warm DSL modem. I guess that was blocking the ventilation too much.

I propped it up on the edge so that the ‘bottom’ vents were now on the side and it is much cooler and hasn’t dropped any connections since.

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Buzz spam

Another way to communicate on the Internets means another way of getting spam. Since my Google Buzz account started up about 4 days ago I have gotten one real follower request and 6 or 8 ‘spam’ requests from people who are either actual spammers or are just misguided and following everybody they find on Buzz. They’ll have to integrate the Gmail spam filter into Buzz (maybe they already have) and maybe have Buzz learn what sorts of followers you block and automatically put them into the spam folder.

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Facebook vs. Buzz vs. FriendFeed

So far I’ve got to give a big Meh to Google Buzz. I imagine they’ve got more up there sleeve than it appears now, but so far it appears to be a much much slower, less functional version of FriendFeed.

FriendFeed is fast and does a great job with comments and ad hoc groups and pulling in outside content (blogs, pictures, etc). The drawback is that none of my friends use it so it doesn’t feed me anything. I also like its one-way friend model, like a Twitter follower.

Facebook is way too heavyweight and too closed, with all of the content contained inside the Facebook ecosystem. But everybody uses it so if you’re trying to communicate with people it’s pretty much the only game in town (at least with my friends).

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As I read this article about how it’s important to wear a coat when it’s cold I looked at the picture and thought: “Richardson has a magnet school for Kindergarteners?”

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Pinball Score Inflation

You hear a lot (and common sense and memory tell you) that portions of things are bigger now than they used to be. Coke comes in 20 oz. bottles now instead of 6.5 oz. When the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder came in it was notable because it was so big; now it seems strange to brag about a burger being only 4 oz.

Now I have another example: pinball scores. When I was a kid it was a major achievement to make it to 100,000 points on a pinball machine. I played pinball yesterday for the first time in a long time and found that it was almost impossible to score less than 1,000,000 points per ball. And I stink at pinball!

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